Amazingly enough Barbra Streisand has ignored the traditional ramblings of Hollywood and has taken her own path by keeping the unique nose that she was born with instead of changing it to fit the standard facial silhouette. At 70 years old, however, the Barbra Streisand plastic surgery is making headlines for people who admire and adore her and the singing that she has rendered over the years. Today, most people will still say how pleasantly gorgeous that she looks as she ages gracefully.

barbara streisand plastic surgery

For those who want to track her pictures back through the years, there are lots of images online that everyone can see including the before after photos of Barbra’s plastic surgery that she recently had. As an icon in the music industry and the acting world, her unique image has often preceded her. While the consensus is that she still looks good, it also as a result of a million dollar make-over. Whatever the case, if she has the funds most people will agree that it is her right to go for it.

In accordance with the make-over and the new image that she wants to present, she is sparing no expense. From hiring a personal trainer to assist with the workouts to employing a nutritionist to help with designing the perfect healthy and weight conscious meals, her make-over is going to be directed from head to toe.

In preparation for a monumental night at the Academy Award she has also installed the state of the art gym for her personal workouts. The goal is to drop at least 20 pounds so that she can better accommodate her 5 feet 5 inches height and frame. Though she has stated before that she would never consider plastic surgery, she has spent time with a noted plastic surgeon in New York. Part of the plastic surgery they she agreed to consider is using fat from the thighs to take care of problem areas with her face. Specifically, as she has grown older over the years and the wrinkles are naturally taking their place, the main goal with this surgery is to use the fat from her thighs to fill in the wrinkles that appears on her face.

According to various news resources, part of the regimen that she is planning to follow is consulting with facial specialists during the week of the Academy Awards. As the main goal during this time is making sure a facial specialists can render the services needed and requested. While some of the information that people see on the Internet and hear from others on TV may be erroneous, the confirmation of what’s true and what’s not can be found online via the Barbra Streisand plastic surgery with Oprah.

Many singers and actresses have had plastic surgery. Their surgeries may have been to correct a feature that they simply did not like, specifically the nose. While this may be true for many actresses and singers, this is not the case for Barbara Streisand in her early years. However, as she has gotten older and has reached the age of 70, the consideration for removing the wrinkles has been an option that has been on the table. The actual results of what did or did not occur are in part on the Internet. So, for those who want to see the actual results, there are before and after pictures of Barbra displaying her face with the changes.