The eminence of Sofia Margarita Vergara as a model, TV personality, and Hollywood actress is certainly indubitable. However, it is Sofia Vergara plastic surgery that has been the hottest topic recently. The forty-one year old Colombian actress who stormed into the public scene during her early years as a Latin American TV presenter has achieved immense success by starring in numerous movies. Through her glowing performance in the “Modern Family” TV series, she has earned the title “Highest Paid TV Actor”, and nominations for the Emmy and Screen Actors Guild Awards and the Golden Globe. Yet it is her superb looks and enviable body that have made her achieve a dazzling television and modeling career and the big role of sexy Gloria Delgado-Pritchett in the “Modern Family” comedy series.

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So has Sofia Vergara opted for celebrity plastic surgery to keep her figure and face gorgeous? There are floods of reports and rumors that she has indeed undergone plastic surgery to enhance her beauty and diminish the effects of aging on her beautiful image and sexy body. And while the truth of these reports is still unsettled, the reports appear factual going by the differences in her past and present appearances. Any person who is familiar with Sofia Vergara’s face would instantly notice that there are minor but evident changes on her face, breast, tummy, and skin. Moreover, while a number of her fans still insist that she is completely natural, they cannot avoid conceding to the fact that the actress has used some beauty enhancements to keep her beauty as glowing and impeccable as ever.

At 41, Sofia Vergara still shows no signs of aging. She has no facial wrinkles, no crow’s feet lines, and no frown lines. As opposed to the natural appearance of the faces of women in their early forties, Sofia’s face remains smooth, gorgeous, and flawless, which is strong evidence that she could have procured celebrity plastic surgery. Ordinarily, and at her age, her face should be having spots of saggy skin and the absence of signs of aging is a concrete indicator that she has used plastic surgery techniques to keep her face fresh and tight, and to keep her body young and fabulous.

Reports about Sofia Vergara plastic surgery are also strongly supported by the appearance of Sofia’s waist area and stomach. Her tummy area and waist zone show neither excess skin nor excess fat. She is even slimmer than before and appears tighter than expected at 41 years. Her appearance, therefore, implies she could have undergone tummy tuck or liposuction techniques to remove excess skin and fat from her waist and stomach regions. Similarly, Sofia’s breast appearance indicates that she might have procured celebrity plastic surgery. The actress’s breasts look fuller and bigger than they used to be and are different from her originally small cup-sized breasts. Indeed, as opposed to the saggy look of the breasts of 41 year old women, Sofia’s breasts indicate that she might have used the plastic surgeon’s knife to make major changes on her breasts’ cup sizes.

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When asked whether she has undergone celebrity plastic surgery, Sofia did not give a definite yes or no answer. She only reiterated the advice for or against the surgery that she has got from different quarters. For instance, she said that she has been advised to opt for plastic surgery to reduce the volume of her breasts and make her cup sizes suit her body frame and size. She also reiterated her mother’s advice that she should remain natural and avoid celebrity plastic surgery. Certainly, with the discussions about Sofia Vergara plastic surgery, the procedure will remain on the limelight for many months to come.