From fabulous to unrecognizable, that is the result of Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery done in excess. You will remember Meg Ryan as the queen of chick flicks. She gained fame not only for her immense talent, but also for one of the most beautiful girls to ever set foot on the big screen, fresh, charming, and innocent looks.

Born in 1961 she went from CBS Soap Operas to being nominated for a Golden Globe Award for the romantic comedy “When Harry Met Sally,” in 1989. It was the start of a career, which put Meg Ryan among top performing actresses in romantic and comedy films. She prevailed over Hollywood screens for almost a decade, when in 1996 at age 35 made the supposed decision to enter the world of celebrity plastic surgery.

Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery

When you look at photos of Meg Ryan early in 1996, you see an astonishingly beautiful woman with a fresh face. Later in the see year you see a completely different Meg Ryan, confirming rumors that she has gone under the knife. What she did was completely unnecessary and it did not freshen her or whatever it is, she aimed for. She appeared with thickened lips and a pudding face leaving critics to remark that Meg will only ever play movies again as a Joker in Batman movies.

Meg Ryan followers did shun these remarks as unfair, crude, and rude, but the proof is undeniable when looking at pictures before and after the alleged cosmetic surgery. Photos taken in the same year shows a massive difference between the once beautiful Meg compared to the present features.


The obvious plastic surgery is lip implants and experts examining the photos think that the Gore-Tex technique was used on Meg’s lips. This is a technique used to enhance lip muscles. Plastic surgeons say the problem with Gore Tex is the fact that it is too firm to appear like normal lip tissue. Especially Megs upper lip is much larger and too stiff too be normal. The modified cheeks are what the experts recon is a volumetric facelift because of fat grafting.

When you take into consideration that Meg was born in 1961 you absolutely expect to see graceful ageing. Nobody suggests that she should be a fresh unlined young thing without any lines, wrinkles and skin sagging. That is just the point; Meg has none of those normal aging effects, no sagging skin, no lines, no wrinkles, just smoothness.

meg ryan plastic surgery before and after

This makes everybody including experts believe that Ryan has undergone neck-lift as well as forehead procedures. It is not rumors that she has stretched back, slanted eyes as you see it clearly, and the procedure she must have done on her eyes resulted in a permanently surprised look. The stretched appearance of her face makes people believe it is the result of a lot of Botox.

Meg Ryan never exposed much of her upper body during films, but even though she does not admit until now whether she had cosmetic surgery and breast augmentation done, there are plenty rumors of her undergoing breast implants as well.