When looking at before and after pictures it seems that the Lana Del Rey plastic surgery rumors may very well be true. Everybody is talking about the singing sensation coming from seemingly nowhere to rise to stardom. Lana is not actually Lana as she used to be failed artist Lizzy Grant who could not make it anywhere in the industry.

Suddenly appears Lana Del Rey, beautiful girl with very pouty lips and very popular for singing lovely melodious songs. Not that Lizzy Grant was by any means ugly, she was just a more common girl and not the sexy full-lipped, narrow nosed Lana Del Rey. Maybe that is why Lana vehemently denies ever having cosmetic surgery done. She obviously thinks if she did anything as Lizzy Grant, it does not reflect on her under her new identity.

lana del rey plastic surgery

Speculation rises however as more people notice the visible difference, making people seriously wonder why celebrities hide the truth. There is no shame in having cosmetic surgery if you want to enhance look for whatever reason. What is frustrating is when celebrities deny the obvious, leading to people forming their own explanations. Lana’s lips seem almost too full and looking at before pictures to recent pictures you will notice it too.

Asking the star herself was pointless up to now as she still denies any work to her face or anywhere else. This increases speculation and everybody has different opinions. Some reason that she could have used collagen in adding volume, which are considered as non-surgical procedures. Others feel it may be possible that she had lip implants or fat grafting to produce her full lips.

Asking plastic surgeons who studied her photos and interviews closely revealed that she might have had more than just her lips done. Several different plastic surgeons were asked for their opinion and they concluded that Lana Del Rey had something done. Her lips are not natural and explanations are that her lips are overfilled and disproportionate to the rest of her facial features.

Apart from the excessive pouty lips, others, which also include plastic surgeons, concludes that Lana may also have gotten several injections to her face as well as a nose job. On inspection of several pictures from a younger Lizzy Grant, before the name change her nose was less refined and much wider.

lana del rey plastic surgery before and after


Now the speculation is that she had her nose as well as her lips done, if only people could believe her claims of being a 100% natural beauty with pouty lips. Die-hard fans believe her claims that she had no work done and that it is simply they way she pouts her lips during singing that makes it appear fuller.

Others also reason that it is possible with the right lipstick and additional lip-gloss that lips can appear fuller especially when singing. However, how does it explain the photos where she stares straight at the camera without a smile? Regardless of the angle, there are pictures on the web of Lana earlier in her career as well as very recent pictures and they all point to the fact that she is a changed girl.