Carrot Top or Scott Thompson on his real name is a comedian famous worldwide, with a peculiar and distinctive appearance and a wild and curly red hair. People are speculating about Carrot Top’s plastic surgery, which is pretty obvious even if the artist himself never admitted any kind of cosmetic treatment. However, his modified face is a proof that he has experienced some kind of plastic surgery.

carrot top plastic surgery

If you take a look to his past and new photos you can easily notice prominent differences in the looks of his cheeks, nose, jaws, eyebrows, and lips. Critics have different opinions about these changes. Some are thinking he had laser resurfacing treatments, rhinoplasty, brow lift surgery and Botox injections. Most people are considering that Carrot Top’s plastic surgery results are not positive and the comedian does not look better after the treatments he might had. The outcome is another case of celebrity plastic surgery gone wrong. His new facial features look overdone. Maybe he is victim of too many cosmetic surgery interventions or maybe he had just bad taste in choosing his new looks.

His facial structure has been dramatically changed and he has now differences around his nose and eyes and a completely different eyebrow structure. It is also interesting that Carrot Top, who was once a slim and skinny guy has now the physique of a bodybuilder, packed with big muscles. The rumors say that he might also been on steroids. We do not know whether that is true or it is just the result of many hours spent with weight lifting in the gym.

Carrot Top has only joked about his new looks and never admitted steroids use or any kind of plastic surgery. He says he is only using makeup in order to look good. But we think that there is obviously something changed in his looks. In his old pictures we can see him growing old naturally, but after what might have been an aggressive Botox treatment, now his facial skin is smoother and sleek. In his obsession to keep ageless, Carrot Top might have use an excessive amount of Botox and now his eyebrows look very arched and unnatural. The expression of his brows is frozen, stiff, and motionless. Probable, in addition to the Botox treatment, Carrot Top also had a brow lift plastic surgery procedure. The skin around his eyebrows appears smooth and free of winkles. That is a hint that the comedian undergone a chemical and laser peeling treatment, as well.

carrot top plastic surgery disaster


Carrot Top’s plastic surgery has attracted a lot of media attention. Nowadays, the number of celebrities that are opting to go through cosmetic surgery procedures is dramatically increasing. At Hollywood, in the world of high profile actors and actresses, people are employing more and more cosmetic procedures to improve, restore and correct their physique. Plastic operations such as facelift, Botox injections, lip augmentation, and check implants, when well done can restore the youthful looks and improve your confidence and self-esteem as well. Many celebrities had plastic surgical procedures with brilliant results but, unfortunately, there are some with a bad outcome. Carrot Top is one of the unlucky celebrities who had cosmetic procedures that went wrong.Di