It is more than rumors about Mary Tyler Moore plastic surgery as the proof is in the pudding. At age 74, she looks completely different and just too good for suggesting that it comes from great anti-ageing creams. Unfortunately, it cannot be confirmed with specifics, as Tyler Moore has never admitted as to plastic surgery rumors about her.

mary tyler moore plastic surgery

We know her for her role in the Mary Tyler Moore Show and everybody loved the beautiful American actress. It seems she wanted to maintain the youthful appearance for too long and it is rumored that she has her first facelift around that period. It seems to be the downfall of many celebrities, as they fear old age and aging process, starting with too many cosmetic procedures too soon and never stops.

It is only natural for her to be much older, but unfortunately, she looks much worse than just old. She is downright scary which does not relate to dignified ageing. There is a bit of contradicting controversy here as at one point she did admit to having plastic surgery.

During a 1995 interview with People Magazine, specifically the October 30, 1995, No.18 issue she released a statement in her own words. She said then that she had minor facial work, during which she decided to get a younger version of the face she had. Six year later when she appeared with a severely swollen left side, which completely distorted her face, some rumors were that is was fillers gone wrong and other were that it could be an adverse reaction to something.

She reported to have tripped over her dog and fallen flat on her face on a pavement and had to have surgery. In later years, however she denied ever saying that she had cosmetic surgery, but merely said she damaged her face when tripping over her dog. Which is true? Only she and her plastic surgeon will know fore sure.

You simply look at before and after photos of this celebrity through the years to notice the visible difference. The once beautiful Mary Tyler Moore has a definite plastic appearance and not a gracefully aged face. It seems she has taken surgery to far and only retain the “plastic” part, which is now what you call plastic surgery gone wrong.

It appears she may have had multiple cosmetic surgeries through the years, including facelifts, Botox, fillers, and blepharoplasty. Looking at pictures through the years, you will notice she had multiple facelifts, unfortunately never learning. Her face has an odd shape as though the skin is too tight and it continuously changed through the years.


mary tyler moore bad plastic surgery

In some photos, she is nearly unrecognizable and eyelid surgery she had done probably to have them appear open and refreshed had the opposite effect. The widened eyes add to the plastic appearance that you expect to find on a doll.

Fillers and Botox injections are rumored to be the culprits that cause her face to look weird and swollen. Plastic surgeons pointed out that the Botox injections would have removed the wrinkles on her forehead. However the fillers she reportedly used make her cheeks look very swollen.