The Axl Rose plastic surgery story is not exactly news, but it has piqued the curiosity not only of the paparazzi but also his fans. The Guns N Roses front man has benefited from the rock star lifestyle and many are wondering if he enlisted the help of plastic surgeons to maintain a youthful appearance. Over the years, his appearance has changed so much that he is now hardly recognizable. Among the Axl Rose plastic surgery procedures include (but are not limited to) the following:

axl rose plastic surgery

Cheek Implants and Contouring

His cheek bones are now more pronounced and prominent, thanks to injection fillers. Axl Rose used to have a bit of Germanic/Scandinavian facial features, which have been replaced by more European facial traits (i.e. high cheekbones, etc). While this look works for many men, Axl’s bone structure simply does not make it possible it to have a pleasing let alone convincing effect. 

Lip Fillers

His bottom lip looks a lot more plump than it did about 10-15 years ago. Many would argue that the new look works for him since plumper lips are “sexier” but it simply does not look natural at all. More importantly, since collagen fillers are a lot like Botox (they do need to be administered every few months, it is likely to cause lasting damage down the road. 

Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)

This rocker apparently also have work done in his nose, which was previously unremarkable. Granted, there was nothing wrong with it per se, but then again people in Tinseltown is not interested in plain. His rhinoplasty resulted in a nose with a more prominent bridge and smaller nostrils. Presumably, Axl does not have any problems with his septum, otherwise it can be safe to assume that the procedure might 
have caused breathing and snoring problems. 

Face Lift and Botox Injections

The list of Axl Rose’s plastic surgeries include more than one face lift and a lot of Botox injections over the years. Considering the disparity between his looks back in the 70s and 80s and his looks now, it can be safely assumed that he has had regular Botox injections for at least a decade or so. It is no secret that face lifts do not always take the first time, not to mention the possibility of developing asymmetrical facial distortions, so most people who get this surgery also resort to getting Botox every few months to prevent their face from falling apart completely. While the initial results were probably favorable, the long term effects are a lot less impressive. Different people react differently to cosmetic alterations so getting a face lift does not always guarantee a youthful looking face, let alone one that people wont gossip about. 


axl rose plastic surgery before and after

While the story of Axl Rose’s plastic surgery sojourn is not as tragic as that of Mickey Rourke or Bruce Jenner, there is no denying that getting cosmetic enhancements did him no favors at all. Whether or not this rocker would stop butchering his once very attractive face through plastic surgery has yet to be determined. His fans would definitely agree that he should take a break and perhaps find a way to regain youth thorugh other less destructive methods.