Mickey Rourke joined boxing after he has finished his acting career. After having an awful experience in Boxing, Mickey returned to acting. Mickey is most known for is not his acting skills. He was widely recognized once he got a bad plastic surgery.

Mickey is said to have had two surgeries. One is to recover his broken nose and another one is to recover his busted cheekbone. Unlike others who have undergone successful surgeries, Mickey Rourke plastic surgery did not go well. After the surgery, he got a freaky look. The reason why he got bad looks is that he hired a wrong surgeon. Once he got a bad look, Mickey resorted to having one surgery after another in the bid of regaining his lost looks.

Before And After Pictures:

Mickey Rourke plastic surgery before & after

Mickey Rourke plastic surgery before & after

Many people have been heard saying that Mickey now looks like a monster. Journalists have collected some of his before and after surgery photos and there is no doubt that Mickey’s looks greatly changed after the surgery. His looks are horrible.

In most photos, his face is swollen, bandaged and eyes bruised. From the photos, you can easily see the endless efforts of him trying to regain his attractive looks like before the plastic surgery.

Facelift Before and After

According to experts and media journalists, Mickey has had multiple facelift surgeries to regain his looks. From the collected photos, he looks worse after every surgery. Because of the repeated surgeries, Mickey’s face looks stiff, frozen, and sometimes expressionless. The face looks as if he has had been injected with an excessive amount of Botox.

Nose Job

After he broke his nose, Mickey is said to have undergone nose reconstruction surgery. Although, the surgery was meant to restore his usual nose, the pictures suggest that he might have overdone the surgeries. The pictures show his nose looking odd and weird. Instead of the nose being pinched, the nose looks bigger and it has swollen particularly in the nasal tip region.

Lip Enhancement

Not only is Mickey said to have undergone facelift and nose surgeries, journalists believe that he also underwent lip enhancement surgery. This can be seen in his before and after photos where his lips are larger and thicker as compared to before. Although, the full lips are meant to do him more good looking, this is not the case. Despite the lips being thick and large, they are swollen, making him look ugly.

Mickey Rourke now and then

Mickey Rourke now and then!

Looking at Mickey’s before and after photos, you can say that his decision to undergo surgery was rather dumb and inconsiderate of him. However, according to Dr. Michael Salzhauer, a Miami based plastic surgeon, Mickey looked much worse than he is today. According to Dr. Michael, Mickey’s skin was very tight that made him look very weird. Dr. Michael goes further and says that the situation is not like that anymore. Mickey’s skin is now relaxed and he might regain his attractive looks.

Despite his bad and weird looks, Mickey does not hide his face. He walks proudly and shows his face to everyone while going on with his usual daily life.