Christa Miller, born on May 28, 1964 is a Hollywood actress emerged into the entertainment world at a young age. Miller has had a very successful acting career especially in television comedy. For long, Miller has been rumored of undergoing plastic surgery.

The rumors about Christa Miller plastic surgery is not confirmed, but it can be true. Many people think Miller has gone through plastic surgery because she wanted to keep her looks younger. Hollywood stars are known for their tendencies of undergoing plastic surgery in order to maintain youthful appearances. Miller is rumored to have undergone several plastic surgeries.

Christa Miller plastic surgery before and after

Christa Miller plastic surgery before and after

Eyelid Surgery

This surgery is aimed at the eyes. Many people believe that Miller must have taken the surgery. This is because her eyes look much bigger and they do not have any sagging or baggy skin. Because of the surgery, Miller now has smooth skin around her eyes and the eyes look much bigger, giving her a younger look.

Cheek Implant

Looking at Christa Miller plastic surgery before and after photos, it would be ideal to say that Miller must have had a cheek implant. This is because her cheeks look fuller than before. Moreover, her facial figure looks much more extensive than before.

Although, Miller has a natural round face, before and after images show that her face has become more oval and gained a smoother jaw line. In addition to this, her cheeks have gone much higher and she has gained a squared jaw. After comparing the Christa Miller plastic surgery before and after pictures, it is hard to believe that the two pictures are actually of the same person.

Before and after Christa Miller plastic surgery photos prove that the 48-year-old Miller must have been using Botox to look younger at this age. From the recent photos, Miller has a stiff and frozen face which is pinpointing of Botox use.

Although, the moderate use of Botox is good, using it in excess can put someone at a risk. Miller would have overused of Botox. Her face looks expressionless and immobile. From the before photos, Miller is seen as a beautiful girl with a cheerful and real face. This is not the case with the after photos. In the after photos, Miller is a completely different person. Her face looks fake and weird.

Christa Miller with pets

Christa Miller with pets via peoplepets

According to Dr. Anthony, a plastic surgeon, there is a higher chance that Miller has also had fillers inserted in her face. In his blog, Dr. Anthony guesses that Miller must have been using restyle fillers in her lips. This is the reason why her lips look much larger and fuller.

Despite the rumors flying all over, Miller remains dumb and she has never confirmed or refuted any of the rumors. In spite of the rumors, one thing we can make sure that Miller’s skin is quite dazzling for her age. The main fault with her is that she overused Botox, making her a little plastic look.