The cheetah Girls fame Andrienne Bailon is visibly showing major difference in her body. Is it due to Adrienne Bailon plastic surgery or just make up? The number of people supporting the former view is much larger than those who support the latter view. Many people consider that she would have gone for a breast augmentation, which is a very common procedure in the US.

Breast implants

Adrienne Bailon breast implants before and after

Adrienne Bailon breast implants before and after

Her pictures clearly show that she has undergone breast augmentation and there are controversies that the larger size may be influenced by the selection of her clothing too. There are rumors that she is soon going to change the size of her breasts.

Her comments

Just like other celebrities, she totally denies the Adrienne Bailon plastic surgery rumor and says she has no plastic surgeon and did not go any facelift or necklift. However, many people are of the opinion that she is sure to have done a lip surgery and breast augmentation.

The gossips run around the way she took the procedure just like her Disney co-star, Vaneeesa Hudgens. Vaneesa undertook a breast augmentation and was caught by the public through the internet and her pictures and got blamed for undergoing the procedure. Will the same thing happen to Adrienne Bailon Plastic Surgery?

Eyelid surgery

Adrienne Bailon plastic surgery eyelids was hot topic. Her eyes, now, seem to be wider than before. Many celebrities opt to choose Barbie eyes for eyelashes but it sometimes seems to look, quite unnatural. The upper and lower eyelids have been made in a way that they look more attractive.

Botox fillers

Botox is the only reason for her new fresh face, which seems to be shining. The face is now shining and smooth but her expressions are a bit controlled. She may get used to it soon, instead of becoming a doll face.

Nose and lips

Many argue that the Adrienne Bailon plastic surgery consist of lip implants and nose jobs. She has changed her nose to a sharp and thin one. Her new nose is a perfect match for her Barbie eyelashes and eye surgery. The lips now look fuller and bigger. Many consider that she would have used a lot of fillers to turn her lip to a masterpiece.

Recent talks about breast reduction

Adrienne Bailon Plastic Surgery

Adrienne Bailon Plastic Surgery

In a reality show, she told the media that she is going to have a breast reduction. She said her doctor gave her a double D implant and she asked for a B cup size and thus, she plans to redo the implants. Now with this announcement, she has accepted that the talks were not a rumor. There is a huge difference in Adrienne Bailon plastic surgery before and after.

The success of Adrienne Bailon Plastic Surgery can be determined by the confusion it creates on whether it is real or fake. By this criterion, it is seen that a few parts of the Adrienne Bailon plastic surgery are a great success and some are big failures. It is too soon to say as the actress who once denied it, but now accepts and says that she has plans for more implants in her breast area.