You would remember Lauren Holly for her ‘dumb and dumber’ role or for ‘Down Periscope’ or for marrying Jim Carrey; anyway most of us would remember her somehow or the other. 46 years old Lauren is now accused of undergoing plastic surgery. Her fresh facial skin, wrinkle free and baggy free face clearly indicates that she has done some work on her face or used Botox fillers. The most common rumor about Lauren Holly plastic surgery before and after is that of the breast implant. Of course, it is not just a rumor.

Lauren Holly breast implants

Lauren Holly plastic surgery (breast implants)

Lauren Holly plastic surgery (breast implants)

With the comparison of her recent pictures with those of her old ones, one can see a significant difference in the size and the shape of her breasts. In her movie, ‘Down Periscope’, the 34D artificial breast can be spotted in the tight army dress (Where does a soldier wear such a dress?). The good part of Lauren Holly plastic surgery before and after is that she did not do anything stupid like many celebrities do.

The Lauren Holly plastic surgery before and after breast implant controversy was not disagreed by Lauren Holly. She says she is happy that she did those breast implants and it has increased her confidence and self esteem. She is happy that the procedure went well and the results are just as she wanted.


This ‘Dumb and Dumber’ heroine started to get hit by the implant news, very recently. She was said to have performed many plastic surgeries to make her look young. There are many sites that show Lauren Holly plastic surgery before and after photos and her breast implant is the highlight of all. There are many reports that the actress had undergone many cosmetic surgeries, even in the 90s.

Her current pictures are more youthful than those that were taken a decade ago, adding more fuel to Lauren Holly plastic surgery before and after rumors. Her face is smooth, wrinkle free and radiant. Though she accepted about the breast implants, she did not accept or deny the Lauren Holly plastic surgery before and after cosmetic surgery blogs and rumors.

Lauren Holly New look

Her fans and many people loved her new look stating that she has a splendid makeover. However, the people who hate her continuously find fault with her new look. Lauren spoke to media that her new look gave her a positive energy. Her breast size and shape is said to change progressively for years together which indicates that she has been undertaking the plastic surgery, for a very long time.

Lauren Holly after surgery

Lauren Holly after surgery

Luckily, after the procedure got completed, her breasts had the shape, she expected and wanted. Lauren Holly plastic surgery before and after pictures reveal that she looks the same like she did years before, but with more dashing and flaunting appearance.

Though there are many rumors about her implants and surgeries, she somehow managed not to mess things up. She agrees that she got implants and is happy about it.