Getting older is to be expected. This is what most women celebrities fear and would do anything to delay the process. They like to keep how they look now. Most of them would turn to medical procedures to make sure they maintain this look.

The sad fact is, not all plastic surgeries turn out to be successful. Sometimes, the surgery makes a person actually look ridiculous. Just like what happened to Linda Evans who was a great actress in the 1980s. Linda Evans Plastic Surgery went wrong!

Linda Evans plastic surgery before and after

Linda Evans plastic surgery before and after

Linda Evans have undergone many plastic surgeries. This actress looked attractive during the prime of her career. At her age now (70 years old); she is no longer as attractive like she used to during her younger years.

It was told that she has undergone so many medical treatments and procedures like cheek augmentation, face-lifts as well as dermal injection and nose job. In addition, in each procedure, she has supposedly undergone not just once but many times.

Linda Evans has now confirmed that she did undergo many plastic surgeries and she now regrets having overdone most procedures. Actually, she has talked with the famous Oprah as well as with Diane Sawyer over separate interviews regarding the plastic surgery that went wrong with them.

What surgery did Linda Evans have?

Cheek Augmentation

A plastic surgeon in Manhattan Dr. David Shaffer has said Linda Evans over did her cheek augmentation. Fearing that her cheeks will sag, because the fats in her cheeks started to decrease regularly, she resorted to many cheek augmentations through dermal injection to add volume continuously so her cheeks look more plumped.

Nose Job

Aside from excessive cheek augmentations, she also had several nose jobs. Her nose used to be bigger and a bit wider on her nasal tip; however, after having so many nose jobs, her nose seems a lot slimmer now. Actually, it already looks irregular and bloated with a look as if the nose is experiencing pain.

Facelift and Eyelift

When Linda Evans had an initial facelift, maybe it looked good on her. The problem came when she had too many procedures that make her look unnatural. Instead, she looks weird and ridiculous. Her skin became too tight, giving her a frozen impression. She also underwent an Eyelift procedure to remove the sagging skin under her eyes. After the procedure, she now looks unpleasant and odd with her eyes.

Linda Evans then and now!

Linda Evans then and now!

Dermal Injection

Linda Evans has undergone cheek augmentations as well as her lips and chin using dermal injection. Such a procedure will make those areas look plump and fresh. If she had only been contented with her initial procedure, she would have looked natural today.

She underwent with the excessive procedures, but everything went wrong. She now looks different. An expert facial plastic surgeon Dr. Paul S. Nassif recommends her to undergo another procedure to reverse. To lessen the dermal injection on her face, she may look more natural.