Joan Rivers plastic surgery is the first thing that comes into mind when the topic celebrities surgeries is brought up. This famous Hollywood comedian and TV star who, recently turn 80, admitted to have more than 700 plastic surgeries that allow her to look younger than other octogenarian actresses. However, her plastic surgery addiction can be dangerous to her overall health and it also can be the result of a mental disorder, called Body Dimorphic Disorder (BDD) that affects a lot of women around the world. According to specialists in this disorder, sufferers who have cosmetic procedures are always dissatistied with the results.

joan rivers plastic surgery

Joan Rivers changes her looks every year. She has undergo a plethora of cosmetic procedures as botox injections, face lifts, several nose jobs, an eye tuck , liposuction, and much more. The comedian claims she is the only one who is honest about them and that she believes in plastic surgery.

In 1965 she looked natural and fresh but she had her first cosmetic surgery, an eye lift. By 1980, when she had her big success appearing at Tonight Show her faced look noticeably different. In 1985 her face suffered another transformation when she had a nose job, in order to thin it. Nine years later, her face was completely different and when she reached the age of 70, the cosmetic procedures started to seriously affect her expressions.

With her characteristic self-mockery tone she explained her endless face changes in an interview with a funny motto: “It is better a new face coming out from an old car than an old face coming out from a new car.” She advices women to spend money on themselves. And she indeed spent a lot of money on plastic surgeries.

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In her novel, “Men are stupid… and they like big boobs”, published in 2009 she comes back with the issue of plastic surgeries and explains that she prefers to look younger and happy than older and depressed. She says that looking good, equals feeling good. But, does she look good? Is all the pain and the effort worthwile when you see the results? Her looks are not natural, she is almost expressionless and her face lines look unnatural. There is no way to know how she would have looked if she would have aged naturally but she is a good example that too much plastic surgery can really ruin a face.

Although she has received a lot of criticism, at the age of 80 she still feels happy and young and as she told the Huffington Post: “I don’t give a damn what people think: If you don’t like my opinion, too bad. That’s the only good thing about age.” Despite her daughter’s concern about the frecuency of her mother’s plastic surgeries, when a journalist asks Joan Rivers if she would have more surgeries, she answers quickly and without hesitation: “Probably, if I need it”. It is important to take into account that wanting a cosmetic surgery is not a sign of illness. Many men and women could improve their self-confidence by doing so. The problems begins when it turns into an addiction.