The appearance of Bollywood actress on the chat show Koffee with Karan has ignited rumors of Anushka Sharma plastic surgery. Actually, even hours before the show was telecast the comments about the actress’ new look were already trending. However, the public relation team of Anushka Sharma denied the rumors.

anushka sharma plastic surgery before after


After the episode of the TV show went on air the rumors went out of control so Anushka herself had to make a public declaration. The number of actress’ fans on Twitter went down because of Anushka’s lip job, which is considered as another celebrity plastic surgery gone wrong. Some of the former fans of the actress were really nasty in their comments about her new look. The jokes compared her with the cartoon character Donald Duck and with the “Guy Fawkes mask”. Some of the fans blamed the actress’ boyfriend, Virat Kohli, for her decision to have plastic surgery.

The actress also has come in for a lot of criticism not only from her fans but also from the fashion magazines and the Bollywood critics. The change in shape of her lips is not for the best, and the actress seem to be just another victim of plastic surgery gone wrong. With her lip job, the Bollywood actress is just following the footsteps of other Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities, but her swollen lips are an aesthetic disaster.

After keeping silent for a while, Anushka Sharma has now come out in the open and sent an open letter to all her fans and critics. She is claiming that her new appearance is the result of a make up techniques that was performed for her role in a film. She is still denying having done any plastic surgery and even claiming she is not supporting any type of artificial enhancement techniques.

However, Anushka Sharma had once revealed on one episode of the TV show Koffee with Karan, how Aditya Chopra humiliated her by saying that she would have to act well at least, because she wasn’t so beautiful. That was at the moment when Anushka landed her role in Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi.

It is possible that the actress took that statement so seriously that she felt the need for a lip job in order to achieve a more fuller lips look. When the results were not as expected and the actress started to be annoyed by the critics in the media, then she backed off and avoided to confirm the rumors about her plastic surgery. The open letter that she sent out is just a way of finding an explanation for the public by claiming that her look was just a result of makeup techniques for her new movie Bombay Velvet.

anushka dharma plastic surgery


The future will tell whether her appearance was just the result of a temporary lip enhancement tool along with makeup. We hope to see back soon Anushka’s original smile.

Anushka Sharma debuted with a three film deal under Yashraj Films and she become an instant star of the Bollywood film industry. Her work has been liked by film critics and audience alike. However, there are some controversies around the public image of the actress, behind the rumors about a lip job.