Diane Lane plastic surgery has been recently a subject of huge online buzz and offline rumors. The actress, also touted as the Grace Kelly of our times, is superbly beautiful. Married to another reputable actor, Josh Brolin, she has been easily well-known for her sense of class. Interestingly, Diane’s beauty has remained intact even as she approaches 50 years. This has made many to speculate that she must have opted for celebrity plastic surgery to keep her body and face tight and hot.

diane lane plastic surgery

So is there truth in the speculations? Can the rumors about Diane plastic surgery be true? To answer this question, Diane’s working environment should be the starting point. As an artist faced with Hollywood life and culture, it is difficult for Diane to have overcome the pressures of celebrity plastic surgery. Many celebrities she interacts with regularly have opted for plastic surgery to keep themselves young and gorgeous, regardless of their age. Moreover, many of these artists opt for subtle changes on their bodies, faces, breasts, and waists, making it difficult for their fans and ordinary audiences to know that they have undergone surgery. Therefore, Diane Lane plastic surgery could have been minor corrections or subtle procedures that are typically hard to detect.

Secondly, Diane has not come out against cosmetic celebrity surgery. She has been quoted as saying that some days she wants the boob job and some days the eye lift, but in other days she feels she needs to keep her integrity intact. Further, her position has been that she needs to do whatever makes her happy. In fact, Diane has been previously reported as fearing the procedures because of the possible results and not being against the surgery. She never wants a celebrity plastic surgery that leaves her looking weird. Essentially, therefore, Diane’s position on plastic surgery is an open one. This means that if she was convinced at any one time that she was not going to look weird after the surgery, she must have opted for it.

Diane Lane remains gorgeous and unchanged regardless of her age. By late forties, it is expected that the skin would start to sag and the face would wrinkle. While Diane may have feared going for celebrity plastic surgery because of potential results, she still needs to keep her beauty intact as an artist. Therefore, the signs on her face, breasts, and bodies are clear indications that she could have opted for the knife. For instance, Diane’s face remains youthful and brighter, something that does not correspond with her age. Other visible indications of Diane Lane cosmetic surgery include her new cup size and breasts. From her before and after photos, Diane’s cup size seemed to have become rounder and larger than before. This implies that Diane could have gone for cosmetic surgery to get a new cup size that suits her height, body frame, and weight.

diane lane plastic surgery before and after

A number of plastic surgeons who have examined Diane’s before and after photos have concluded that she must have gone for plastic surgery. The surgeons insist that her face area, particularly the nose and eyes seem to have had some modifications. They also observe that the stiff and smooth face seems to be a product of some celebrity cosmetic surgery. While a few surgeons have rejected the possibility of a Diane Lane plastic surgery, the evidence is more compelling. For instance, they insist that Diane still shows her facial expression well, has a few skin sags on her neck, and some crow’s feet lines around her eyes. However, these are in no way proofs that Diane did not opt for surgery. Other surgeons counter this argument by affirming that mild celebrity cosmetic surgeries on eyes and nose have no major effects on facial expressions.