Hollywood is live with grapevine of the celebrities undergoing the surgical knife than ever before. Then there is Mary Louise Parker plastic surgery. The obvious reason that made her just like the other celebrities to have the surgery is the pressure from Hollywood. Fans expect more than enough of the people they are watching on their screens daily. This has made many to bow to pressure and opt for the surgical means.

mary louise parker plastic surgery

Mary Parker was born on 2nd August 1964. She is a star of Weeds, a Showtime original series that has made her an acclaimed actress. She is the mother to a son from the previous relationship and an adopted daughter. No matter the true years, her face seems unlined and amazingly smooth that has promoted speculation of celebrity surgery. It is said that she gets minimalist nose job and enhances it with the expensive anti aging creams.

Parker has not admitted or denied her plastic surgery. However, she denies that she got the regular Botox injection. But it is possible to see the traces of Botox injection on her face. Other rumors say that she rejuvenated her facial skin with the laser treatments such as Active Fx, CoolTouch in order to reduce wrinkles and lines.

Her nose job is meant to refine her nasal shape rather than changing it completely. This is so because; there is no considerable change on the nose other than the tip that is well defined and more pointed. Before then, she had a nose that is less rounded and a big tip. Now she looks well pinched, more pointed, and structured on the tip.

Parker does not show the indication that she has a nose job and Botox in order to enhance her beauty through celebrity surgery. The procedures are enough to make Mary Parker look good. It is well timed for her comeback to the TV screen. It is now evident that she is ready again to rock Hollywood with natural appearance probably from the plastic surgery result.

It is rumored that Mary Parker is fan of the multi-usage, popular dermal fillers such as Botox. Her forehead is completely smooth without signs of the horizontal creases. She does not have any given vertical frown line in her brows or around the eyes. However, you will be able to note gentlest crinkles whenever she smiles. In addition, the eyebrows are arched and the cheeks very full.

mary louise parker nose job


A close look at her lips will reveal possible lip augmentation. Importantly, the skin texture and the complexion are considerably youthful. This suggests that she had a plastic surgery and there is use of skin rejuvenation treatments that reduce wrinkles and lines. In addition, they promote collagen growth. Collagen is needed in the skin to avoid the effects of aging being clear. It is a fact, that Parker looks younger even than the first time she appeared on the TV in 1991. It is rumored that this is her first plastic surgery in 2014. It is not clear whether she has been under the knife before.