Marlo Thomas plastic surgery has for a long time been a heated subject of debate among her followers and fans. At the age of 75, Thomas has appeared once again with a very tender and smooth face. Gossip websites and celebrity watchers are all pointing to the fact that this has to do with plastic surgery procedure.

marlo thomas plastic surgery

But first, Who is Marlo Thomas?

Thomas was born on 21st November, 1937. She is popularly known as social activist, actress and producer. Some of her stunning appearances include in the film “The Real Blonde” in 1997, and Jenny in 1970. She played the lead role in both of these films. Actually, it is her role in the second film that saw her nominated as the Golden Globe Award for the impressive New Star of the Year. She is considered as one of the oldest when it comes to the field of acting. However, what stands out the most about Marlo Thomas is her appearance. It is rumored that she has had way too many cosmetic surgery procedures.

So what Are Some of the Plastic Surgery Procedures Marlo Thomas May Have Undertaken?

Well, if you compare her before and after pictures, it is apparent that Thomas has undertaken a facelift at one point. This explains why her facial skin appears smoother, shinier and tighter. It is usually uncommon for a woman of her age to be free from eyeballs, wrinkles and lines without undertaking cosmetic surgery procedures.

From some of her recent photo collection, you can tell that her face looks unnatural and stiff. This leads to suspicion that Marlo Thomas may have undertaken a Botox. Further, it has been rumored that she has undergone rhinoplasty (nose job). In fact, her nose appear thinner than it was before.

Regarding Marlo plastic surgery rumor, DR. Paul S., Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon says, “Taking into account Marlo’s photos over the years, it’s highly likely that she did a nose job”. He also remarked that it is probable that Marlo Thomas has undertaken facial surgery procedures such as filler, Botox, Face-lifts and brow lift.

Marlo is suspected to have chosen one of the best plastic surgeon in the field and she is carefully taking her injections to ensure she does not mess up her smooth skin. In fact, over the years, her pictures has shown successful transformations in her look. To start off, her lips looks fuller.

Unfortunately, over the years, Marlo Thomas plastic surely have left her looking completely different. A comparison of Marlo’s before and after pictures clearly shows striking variation in the way she looks.

marlo thomas plastic surgery images

So What Went Wrong With Marlo Cosmetic Surgery Procedures?

Just as it happen in all cases of plastic surgery, the high the number of cosmetic surgery procedure Thomas undertakes, the lesser natural she looks. In most cases, it is high number of plastic surgery that tends to make most celebrities look like they are victims of plastic surgery gone bad. Thomas Celebrity plastic surgery pictures, shows that it is the overdone nose job that tend to have turned things bad for her. The unnaturally pinched nose clearly tells that her face has had to deal with way too many knifes.

However, rumors of Marlo Thomas celebrity plastic surgery has remained unconfirmed by her official communication channels. But how can someone change dramatically in facial appearance without a plastic surgery? Hope you know the answer.