All thanks to the success of Kathie Lee Gifford plastic surgery, all through her career she has had an impressive number fans, admirers and followers. She stands out as one of the female artists in the entertainment industry, who have managed to maintain their good looks, attractiveness and charms. Even after hitting their 60s.

kathie lee gifford plastic surgery

But who is Kathie lee Gifford?

Born on 16th August, 1953, Kathie lee Gifford is an American singer, actress, song writer and a television host. She is best known for her over 15 years run on the television talk show that she hosted live with Regis Philbin. Kathie Lee Gifford won her first Daytime Emmy in 2010 after being nominated for the award 11 times. But what is the secret behind Kathie’s good look and charms?

Well, the answer is simple; she is another one of the TV personality who subscribed to the art of celebrity plastic surgery. Surprisingly, her naturally attractive self, and rare talents, are not enough to make Kathie lee Gifford comfortable in her old age. She still had a number of cosmetic surgeries done.

Kathie Lee Gifford confirms she underwent Cosmetic procedures but not a facelift

For a long time, rumors had circulated that Kathie lee Gifford had undertaken rhinoplasty, Botox, Face lift and Cheek augmentation. However, the truth finally came out. Kathie lee Gifford personally admitted she had undergone celebrity plastic surgery, but denied rumors that she had done a face lift. In her book titled “When I Believed I Had Dropped My last Egg”, she admitted she had undergone cosmetic procedures including laser treatments and Botox. However, she denied having taken a face lift. Kathie cited her fear of failed job as the reason she would not opt for a face lift.

However, one year later, a fresh rumbling and gossip of Kathie having had a plastic Surgery came up in full force. Rosie O’ Donnell, Challenged Kathie to admit that she had undergone plastic surgery on her then popular Sirius XM radio show.

Kathie fired back by saying that her face was plastic surgery free, and she could prove it. One month after the challenge, Kathie came bare face live on her Today Show. She broadcasted for an hour without makeup. She dared Rosie by saying, “look for scars, baby” on television. The show was in HD, and the only thing Kathie admitted to have been wearing was a lip balm.

Admitting she was wrong, Rosie later apologized to Kathie Live on her talk show and said, “You look so good that I was convinced you had undergone plastic surgery.” Kathie admitted she had felt vindicated by Rosie remarks.

kathie lee gifford plastic surgery before and after


So, up-to-date, the fear of awful plastic surgery suffices whenever rumors springs that Kathie lee Gifford has done plastic surgery or a face lift. Kathie is a real woman who is not scared or ashamed to admit what she has done and she will go to great length to prove her point. She is indeed an open book, and she has in multiple times proved her critics wrong. Rosie was just one of her challengers.

Believe it or not, if there is any more work that will be done on Kathie’s face, she will not hesitate to let the world know. The latest rumor on Kathie lee Gifford plastic surgery is that she has done a nose job. However, she has not given official communication on this gossip.