Undoubtedly one of South Korea’s most popular TV export has been the drama, Boys Before Flowers, which is watched fanatically in many countries around the world, especially China and Japan. One of the main actors is also a successful pop star and heart throb as the lead singer of the band, SS501, and nowadays people are asking about the Kim Hyun Joong plastic surgery debate. 

Kim Hyun Joong plastic surgery

South Korea is well-known as a hotspot for plastic surgery, and in the capital city of Seoul they pioneer some of the world’s best plastic surgery techniques. Many idols of Korean music and TV have openly admitted to undergoing surgery in order to improve their appearance and thus boost their careers, and Kim Hyun Joong is one of them. In the twenty-first century it is a perfectly acceptable situation for someone in Korea to admit to this, but still many people try to deny having nose jobs and other procedures. Some of the more popular cosmetic surgeries in South Korea include nose and eye surgeries, and these are also common throughout the general population. Thanks to pop stars like Kim Hyun Joong, there is little stigma about plastic surgery in Korea nowadays – both for men and for women. Many people go under the knife in order to make themselves more attractive in this competitive society. 

We can see by looking at photos of Kim Hyun Joong over different periods of time that he has indeed changed his appearance, and fans are beginning to suspect that his beautiful face is not as natural as they first thought. The most obvious difference is the change in the shape of his nose, which now appears perfectly proportioned with the rest of his face. 

Nose surgery is technically called rhinoplasty, and while Kim Hyun Joong admits that he has undergone this procedure, he maintains that he only did it for medical reasons, and claims that it was not to give him a better appearance. He argues that he was in an accident and suffered a broken nose, and therefore he was required to have surgery to correct the problem. 

Kim Hyun Joong nose job

From his pictures fans have observed the Kim Hyun Joong used to have a small, upturned nose, and that now is nose is straight and pointed, which many people consider to be more beautiful. When we see “before and after” pictures of the Korean idol, we can see that his nose really does look like it has been deliberately sculpted, and so most people dispute his defense. 

As a result, there is now fierce debate among K-pop fans as to whether their hero really underwent cosmetic surgery in order to improve his looks, with some claiming that his story was made up as a cover for the press. But the fact remains that his nose looks better now than it did before, so perhaps he is telling the truth and the Kim Hyun Joong plastic surgery was just a lucky accident!