Gretchen Rossi might be a star in the Real Housewives of Orange County, but she is not untouchable in the plastic surgery rumours. Gretchen Rossi plastic surgery has been a major topic of speculation in recent times. This is because when a celebrity face looks younger and fresher in comparison to what he/she was in the past, it is a clear sign that they are trying to improve their appearance through cosmetic surgery. It is all over the gossip columns in many countries whenever a celebrity goes under the knife and Gretchen Rossi is no exception. 

gretchen rossi plastic surgery

So, is it true that Gretchen Rossi underwent surgery to enhance her appearance? In order to know the truth, let’s examine her before and after pictures. 

Judging by her before and after pictures, it is quite obvious that this actress procured some cosmetic enhancements on her face and probably on various other parts of her body. Her face seems to have been modified through cosmetic surgery. In fact, her new appearance is so different in comparison to her before photos, that she is almost unrecognizable at the moment. 

Her current face and appearance shows that she got Botox injections to help make her face smoother and wrinkle free. If you take a closer look at her before and after pictures, there are clearly different from the eyes, cheek and the nose. That’s why some people think that she probably has nose job, face light, lip filler injection, eye lid surgery, cosmetic dentistry and breast augmentation.

Her latest look shows that her nose is slightly narrow than before. Although she hasn’t significantly changed the structure of her nose, it is certainly refined. She might even want to consider further surgery to modify her nose to complement her latest face. 

Her teeth look whiter than before with people suggesting that she has got dental veneers or dental caps. In addition, she seems to have undergone eye surgery. Her fans know that she previously had a droopy left eye, but it looks different now; it now matches her right eye. 

With lip filler injection, her lips look juicer. It we take a close look at latest cup size, it is now fuller. Her latest pictures show that her breasts have been enlarged. Therefore, a lot of people suspect that she did not only use plastic surgery to improve her facial features, but it appears that Gretchen Rossi surgery also involved breast implants to make her cup size look that way. 


gretchen rossi plastic surgery before after

Although the modifications to her body and face are clear, Gretchen Rossi has denied all her cosmetic surgery rumors. According to her, she has only tried Botox injections. However, many people can tell what’s behind her beauty since her after and before pictures reveal everything that has been modified. It looks like a bold step to deny rumours regarding her plastic surgery despite so many differences making it clear that she has had a plastic surgery procedure carried out. 

Her body and face are very different from her previous appearance. That is only possible if she has used plastic surgery trio make her looks more beautiful and more stunning than before.