Julie Bowen’s rising fame did not stop the critics from examining her before-and-after looks. Julie Bowen plastic surgery may not be a surprise to many but it still made headlines in public. However, this news did not changed the actress’ perspectives. In fact, she openly talks about her plastic surgery and even expresses her confidence about it.

julie bowen plastic surgery

The “Modern Family” actress certainly has good guts to tell the public that she went under the knife. With her funny antics and great personality, it is no wonder why her admission did not made any negative impressions to fans. This scenario is far different from any other Hollywood stars who continue to deny obvious medical touch-ups. In a recent interview published on the Huffington post, she informed the public of the procedure she has undergone. Bowen revealed to have lasers applied to her face and would even want to try the Fraxel. She also expressed her opinion about people choosing to do ‘stuff’ that made them have crazy features, but she clarifies of not making any judgment out of her comment. Bowen admitted to have experienced wearing ugly shoes, so judging is the last thing she could ever do.

She also did not deny of having undergone breast augmentation, which made her curves more alluring than ever. Now, she is a proud full C-cup. She also had laser skin therapy for her face, which is why she maintains healthy glow on the red carpet. All these medical procedures are not noticeable since it is not considered as a major surgical procedure. In fact, it seems natural of her to look better than ever.

Looking at her before and after pictures scattered over the internet, she actually looked younger. The 42-year old actress looked so youthful in all of her public photos. This is due to her laser treatments which reduced any signs of skin aging. These include fine lines, wrinkles, skin discoloration and many others.

Julie Bowen plastic surgery further made it to the headlines when she talked about Angelina Jolie being a unicorn. She expressed her admiration to fellow actress as she joked of how good Angeline really looks. She added more jokes by expressing her love with tequila. She joked about feeling good by hanging around the beach or having a good run – but she has a new found love over a shot of tequila.


julie bowen plastic surgery nose

In an interview done by Health, she said that tequila works in the central nervous system that is entirely different from any alcoholic beverages. Thanks to her own Dr. Google, she now has a loving relationship with tequila. In fact, she admits feeling tired over a glass of wine but when drinking tequila, she never feels any tiredness.

Julie Bowen plastic surgery may be surged by critics but her admission gained the respect and admiration from fans. Truly, there is no denying that medical procedures are acceptable ways to achieve better looks. Hey, if Julie Bowen proudly flaunts her new good looks, so can anyone. This is the reason why even ordinary people are not afraid to go under the knife.