Unlike many other countries, South Korea allows its citizens to go for plastic surgery the same way someone would go to a general physician; Lee Min Ho Plastic Surgery is an example of it. It is well known that many people in South Korea had at least one plastic surgery done on them. Even the rising media star, the famed Lee Min Ho went through the knife to look better than before for his fans. The best part is that he admits to have gone through the plastic surgery for enhancing his looks, which is very unlike the other celebrities; who always hide it.

lee min ho plastic surgery

What kind of plastic surgery?

Now the most important question would be what kind of plastic surgery did Lee go through exactly? The way Lee has gone through a series of surgeries; it really raises a lot of questions about the varied procedures and their effectiveness. The rumour that has been doing the rounds across the various tabloids is that Lee’s nose does look well defined now. It has become sharper and thinner than what it used to look couple of months ago. A sudden change in facial features can’t just happen without plastic surgery. The media reporters have commented that they find his new feature appropriately fit for his cute face. This is indeed very true, for he is really a heart-beat for many young women across Korea as well as the world.


If his previous and present pictures are compared, then it could be found that he had a bumpy nose. The Rhinoplasty has indeed come out to be a very striking positive feature that Lee has today. It is said that he has close relationship along with many good plastic surgeons, which has shown itself on his restructured nose. However, it is a fact that he has admitted to the plastic surgery, but he never indulges in the complete details of the procedures he went through. This is a typical way of response that most of the Korean celebrities practice because they don’t find it comfortable to discuss their plastic surgery, with the media or with their fans.

As per the experts, the singer may have Lee Min Ho Plastic Surgery for couple of things.

  • Nose
  • Chin
  • Cheek
  • Eye-brow

lee min ho plastic surgery before and after pictures

These four are the most common procedures that are chosen by the celebrities to enhance their appearance in the public and keep up with aging. Some celebrities go to the extreme levels, where all the enhancements are absolutely visible. Interestingly Lee never went to that extreme level of plastic surgery enhancements; otherwise it would have been noticed. He is comparably very young to even need extensive procedures yet. Overall, he has always avoided everything that could harm his natural looks and has depended completely on natural ways for his good looks. Though, the critics say otherwise, but even they don’t have anything in detail that could prove Lee has ever gone through serious plastic surgery.

However, it can’t be denied that he really looks exponential adorable with his latest nose job.