The topic Renee Zellweger Plastic Surgery was what everyone was whispering at the Red Carpet for Academy Awards of 2013. It is obvious that she had some sort of plastic surgery done, which has made her look amazing and fresh faced at the screening of ‘Long Shot.’ The curiosity rose because either the 44 year mature actress is aging gracefully or she is certainly getting assistance from a top dermatologist. Now there are three kinds of speculations about plastic surgery on Renee Zellweger, which is a theory; but it may also be true.

Renee Zellweger plastic surgery

Speculation 1

According to Dr. Brian Glatt of BCPS, Morristown, New Jersey, “It may not be the nose job, but does look like a certain chin implant.” The statement is a result of an observation because she has lost weight and that does make her nose look slimmer, but her chin looks a bit elongated. The latter can’t happen because of weight loss, but only by a perfect chin implant. It has produced a noticeable result that is attractive, without making her jaw-line masculine. This additional length has made all other features on her face prominent, which has consequently made her pretty striking.

Speculation 2

As per the spokesperson, ABPS, Dr. Barry Weintraub, “Renee Zellweger Plastic Surgery could be a myth and she only underwent some minor procedures that can’t qualify to be addressed as plastic surgery.” According to Dr. Barry, Renee had Blepharoplasty, which is the procedure for eyelid lift. This is done to give the bedroom eyes or seductive appearance to the eyes. This is the first thing what doctors suggest to apply in order to regain the lost facial volume.

Speculation 3

BCC Surgeon Dr. Halaas is of the opinion that Renee has more of a superficial yet attainable plastic surgery done for the youthful skin she is flaunting now. The radiant skin clearly showcases the intensive application of a possible laser treatment, peels and facials. It has also helped her maintain the perfect complexion that she has. She may have used Botox on her eye-brow to maintain a wrinkle free look, which is also smooth to the eyes as well.

renee zellweger before after

Speculation 4

Dr. Shirley has made the most perfect point of all the speculations that others may have neglected. She admits that any skilful surgeon would produce results that will always leave everyone guessing, if the actress did go through a procedure or not? She does believe that Renee has gone through minute cosmetic surgical procedures that are clearly unnoticeable. She also said that unless the actress doesn’t admit to it, only speculations of small procedures could be made and nothing else.


Overall, the photos do show that Renee Zellweger Plastic Surgery happened. The facial contours and the eye-brow position, along with her jaw-line angle makes a lot of things very clear. Though, she has superficial and physical changes that are noticeable, yet one can’t deny the fact that she is exponentially talented and respected for her acting. That may be the reason that the entire equation settles so nicely, without hindering the overall appearance that she has.