Not many know, but Frances Bean Cobain plastic surgery is a much discussed topic among the fans of Kurt Cobain. The reason is very simple; she is the only daughter of Courtney Love and the famous Kurt Cobain, so it is also a fact that she is a Rock Royalty who can’t be ignored at all. She is just a little above 21 years old and she has already gone through her first plastic surgery. At first glance, this might have sounded as a rumour spread by the movie and music news reporters. However, the story is true because there have been some practical speculations that strongly suggest that Frances Bean Cobain had plastic surgery.

frances bean cobain plastic surgery

What kind?

There are three kind of surgery she possibly could have gone through, which are noticeable, yet gave her a flawless enhancement in appearance.


  • Lip Fillers: The foremost thing that one could look at her and notice is the more plump lips that she has now. Though, lips could be made plumper with lip gloss as well, but she has more volume to them, which can only be done through plastic surgery. Many plastic surgeons who saw her past and present pictures, have confirmed to this phenomenon.
  • Cheek Fillers: Though she looks a bit thin than before, but her cheeks look puffier than before as well. When a person loses her overall body weight, the facial structure also goes through a sliming phase. However, in Frances Bean Cobain plastic surgery case, it is also assumed that she had cheek fillers done to her face, which is making her look more beautiful than she used to.
  • Chin: A more defined chin is what people and fans have noticed recently on Frances Bean, which has also made her jaw-line attractive. A fat-less jaw line and chin is expected, when someone loses weight, but a defined chin could only be the work of plastic surgery. This is what everyone has been talking about, but no one is sure if she actually went through the surgery or not; for it.

Fans, critics, media may be speculating as well as assuming a lot of things, but one can’t ignore the fact that if a person has come out in the open after many days, with a drastic enhancement; he or she must have had a plastic surgery. Frances never said anything about it, but what everyone could see, can’t be denied.

frances bean cobain weight loss

How it all may have been done?

In a similar manner that the Botox is filled into the lips or forehead by injections, the cheek filling procedure is followed. Lip fillers could conveniently rid the various signs of aging, the wrinkles off the mouth area, while the wrinkles around on cheeks may not be removed. That was till the cheek fillers didn’t come into existence. Now Rejuvederm or Botox is used to do that for the cheeks, like it has been used for many other procedures. Taking care of facial muscle is very important in the fair gender because they sag quickly with age, for their skin and muscles are tender than the men.

However, none can deny neither Frances would ever admit; about the plastic surgery that she undergone.