While younger and even older celebrities wouldn’t like to admit having passed a knife to maintain their youthful physiques, Susan Sarandon plastic surgery is widely open known by everyone since she admitted that she underwent the surgical procedures. In fact, not ashamed, she said that she is a plastic surgery fan and would like to do it in future to further enhance her looks even at her age (66). When she got interviewed by some celebrity magazines, she openly admitted visiting a surgeon to get her beauty stunning. Moreover, she stated that she had liposuction done on her chin and under the eyes.

susan sarandon plastic surgery

At one time, Sarandon criticized the celebrity cosmetic surgery techniques and procedures which don’t make celebrities to look better but on the other hand worsen their appearance. She said that other than observing correct diet and exercise, undergoing plastic surgery greatly boost one’s physical looks and it is perhaps the only secret of maintaining your beauty at old age. Even though her age does not allow her skin to be tight enough, her boobs are sizeable and impeccably projected. She admitted having undergone a boob job to lift her bust to maintain a teenage cup size. This actress expressed her concern about facial filler injection such as Botox as its results may be detrimental.

Susan Sarandon’s plastic surgery is one of the most successful celebrity cosmetic surgeries ever witnessed in Hollywood. In fact a plastic surgeon named Dr. Michael Salzhauer couldn’t hide his amazement over these results. Susan looks like a young actress around her mid-20s! The surgical procedures must have been done with great proficiency and expertise because it is really difficult to get such perfect results. In her 60s, she still looks pretty unlike her age counterparts who have a loose and a sagging excess skin, the actress has a stunning intact sturdy skin. Thanks to the liposuction procedures she underwent. Her before and after pictures shows clearly the magic behind plastic surgery.

Her bust looks firm and so is her face. To make a look sexier and to stay relevant in the movie industry, she had to have some breast implants and some dermal injections to get rid of the facial wrinkles which come with age. Her honesty has been appreciated by many surgeons attesting her beauty. The liposuction created nice elongated curves in her body making her prettier than even younger celebs. Susan doesn’t show any kind of aging sign because the surgery she underwent was done to perfection. She neither has eyes bags nor a turkey neck after the successful work by the surgeons.


Actually, if you see Susan’s appearance right now, you will be mistaken that she is a woman in her early 40s. She has a dazzling and outstanding beauty shown clearly by her shape and facial looks. After openly admitting undergoing liposuction procedures and some dermal injections, it is unbelievable that there were no critics at all. So, should other celebs embrace her openness? Should they be free to share their plastic surgery experiences publicly? Susan Sarandon’s plastic surgery is one of the most admired surgeries all over the world. Her openness might inspire and encourage other celebrities to undertake plastic surgery to boost their beauty even as they grow older.