That celebrities love to deny cosmetic procedures is not true in the case of Carol Burnett plastic surgery rumors as it is in fact confirmed by the actress. Best known for her long-running TV show, The Carol Burnett Show the American actress was born in 1933. At age 81, she looks remarkable and unlike many others not shy to admit, she had several procedures done during her long career.

It may be because she was still young and inexperienced at the time, however many years ago; when she was in her early twenties she admitted going under the knife to make her dreams come true. During her first interview over sixty years ago, she admitted that she does not think her dreams will come true without self-improvement.

carol burnett plastic surgery

Nobody can argue that she is an excellent actress, but never described as a ravishing beauty, and she admits she has never been happy with her own appearance since childhood. Although she does not specify what she had done, before and after pictures of a very young Carol shows clear indication of chin implants. Her chin, which was narrow and pointed is more defined with a strong shape, prove that she started cosmetic alterations early.

Although the woman is expected to look more like an aged woman, she looks remarkably well and will easily pass as a forty-year old. She seems to be fortunate not to have overdone surgical procedures and that which she had done only resulted positively. The consensus from professionals looking at pictures before and after she has work done that, she definitely used Botox injections. Other dermal injections such as Restylane and Collagen are also mentioned, unless she had a full facelift.

Carol has a remarkably smooth, tight, and young appearance despite her age although she does have some ageing signs. The aging signs, which are to be expected, are eye wrinkles and usual aging signs in a much older woman’s face. On Carol Burnett, however it adds to a very natural look of that of a woman forty years younger.

carol burnett plastic surgery before and after

Plastic surgery results with horrifying results were spared for this remarkable honest woman, who has never exceeded the limits. The natural nearly unobtrusive differences in her appearance are only her chin, a smooth and unlined forehead without looking unnatural. The fact that she has signs of aging around her eyes nearly appears as if could have been Mother Nature being extremely kind to a very kind woman. Carol is the result of surgery done well and appropriately without seeking a dramatic and drastic change.


Although Carol says it is pointless going under a surgeon’s knife again at this age, everybody agrees with that. She is respected for doing to her face what she thought was right at the time to boost her own self-confidence. With her not doing any additional cosmetic procedures however, she now has the ability to age gracefully. Although it is not quite naturally achieved, she stopped at an appropriate age unlike many other celebrities desperately trying to avoid old age.