Recently, there have been rumors about Diane Sawyer plastic surgery. Diane sawyer is the current anchor of ABC’s flagship program, World News Tonight. She has earned a name for herself in the field of journalism as and is considered as one of the foremost journalists in the country. Her career began in the year 1967 when she started reading weather reports for the WKLY – TV in Kentucky. She got this chance after she won the America’s Jr Miss scholarship pageant.

The program 60 minutes got its first female correspondent in Diane Sawyer. She also spent some time in the Nixon administration. She also has anchored Primetime Live and Good Morning America. For her journalistic achievements, she has been awarded various awards which also includes a Peabody award. 

Diane Sawyer plastic surgery

She was born in December 1945 in Glasgow, Kentucky. She has now been in front of TV audiences for the past four decades.

Since she’s a public figure, any plastic surgery jobs done or any pics of hers are noticed by millions worldwide. Even a minor change is noticed by the audiences and discussed on various social networks.

Recently, it has been argued that she has been looking much younger and much better than she looked 10 years ago.

This has given rise to the speculation that she has also undergone some plastic surgery or facial uplift. Things like these are always kept private and most of the celebrities hire the services of some very expensive and very private renowned plastic surgeons to get the job done.

Since she is a public figure, her every move has been constantly under scrutiny and chronicled by the media. The photographs in the public domain show her transformation over the past decades. Now, suddenly she is looking much younger than she looked in the photographs in the past few years.

Rumors are abound that she has undergone some very subtle procedure to get facial uplift done.

Diane sawyer has decided to keep quite on this and has not issued any statement. Also, her representative has not come out and given anything to media. Due to this, and the confidentiality agreements, we are unlikely to see any confirmed reports of Diane Sawyer plastic surgery done.

There are a lot of pictures available online which show the changes in her face over a period of time. One can easily notice the eye bags and crow’s feet on her face. Most of these can be very easily erased with the help of fillers such as Botox. The fact that these wrinkles are still visible under the make-up means that she has not got done any excessive plastic surgery.

diane sawyer facelift

But, experts and fans maintain that she definitely looks younger than her age and even if she may not have got done complete plastic surgery, she may have opted for only a facelift to take care of the facial sags. Facial upliftment results in pulling the skin on the face back and tucking it in behind the ears. This results in disappearance of wrinkles and a more youthful skin appearance.

If one looks at the photographs very carefully, one may notice that her nose profile has been more streamlined over the years. This has not happened naturally. This means only one thing that the Diane Sawyer may have got some rhinoplasty done over the years.

Diane Sawyer’s fans are not complaining as they definitely enjoyed her shows and her youthful look makes the shows more enjoyable.