Julia Roberts plastic surgery could not have passed without appearing all over the media. With the celebrity she is, it can only be anticipated that even a slight rumor can easily turn into a wild fire.

Born on 28th October, 1987, Julia is one of the most bankable actresses in Hollywood. Julia is in her mid-forty and a mother of 3 children. She stands out, as one of the actress who have a family, and still manages to play their part in movies just like before. She is still a highly viable acting sensation at Hollywood.

julia roberts plastic surgery

Some of the most stunning appearances that Julia Roberts has made include, Pretty Woman in 1990, Notting Hill in 1999, and Erin Brockovich in 2000. Apart from watching and enjoying her well played roles in movies, most of her fans have been watching how she is embracing her aging process. There is a widespread consensus that Roberts is turning younger as days pass, a development many people suspect is being keep afloat by cosmetic surgery procedures.

Is It True that Julia Roberts Has Undergone Celebrities Plastic Surgery?

Well, based on a detailed analysis of Pundits, it is apparent that she has taken a number of plastic surgeries. Below is a short account of each of each.

Julia’s Lip Augmentation

For a woman in her mid-40s, many would have anticipated that Julia should have started showing at least aging in her body, or signs of frailty. However, her lips tells a completely different story. They look full and luscious.

While they are supposed to be getting a bit flat, Julia’s lip are getting fleshy and full of life. Clearly, there is no cosmetic that can be applied to achieve a change of this magnitude in the appearance of the lips. They only point to only one thing, Julia undergone lip augmentation. Only surgical process can give such results. In most cases, injection with Juvederm is associated with fuller cheeks and lips. Julia pictures before and after plastic surgery evidence the facts.

Julia Roberts Eyelids Surgery

In addition to Julia’s stunning lips, her eyelids are another center of her attractiveness. Today a mother of 3, Julia’s eyes look sharp and refreshed. Instead of the obvious bulging appearance for a woman of her age and motherhood, they look bright and a bit deflated. This type of plastic surgery is normally used by celebrities who don’t want age to catch up with them and pull them back. It also great in getting rid of eye bags to some degree.

Julia Roberts plastic surgery – Nose Job

Although this remains unconfirmed, rumors has it that Roberts could have undergone the surgical knife for a nose job. Compared to her before photos, her nose appears to have been changed slightly in terms of configuration. The tips of her nose now looks sharper and the nostrils much smaller than they were previously.


julia roberts plastic surgery lips

Julia Robert Facelift

One of the most stunning features of Julia Roberts is her youthful face. It appears she is aging with a negative growth rate. For sometimes now, her followers and fans have been speculating that she could have undergone facials. Going by the absence of sagging skin on her face, its moist and smooth appearance, the claims cannot be far from the truth. Furthermore, it is not surprising for a person of her caliber to go through such a process.

However, most of the rumors about Roberts plastic surgery remains unconfirmed by her official communication channels. On overall, it can be said that her cosmetic plastic surgeries did her well, and they have been by far successful. They are the work of an expert.