When you are known all around the world for your ability to change the way people look, it’s no surprise that the world became very interested when Kat Von D possibly decided to change her appearance. It didn’t include any ink or tattooing, but Kat Von D plastic surgery that may or may not have had happened definitely got a lot of attention.

Kat Von D plastic surgery

This artist and TV celebrity was born in Mexico to parents who worked as religious missionaries. She is of Spanish, German and Italian origins, which is one of the reasons behind her stunning good looks and a very beautiful and unique face. While she was only 4 years old, her parents moved to California, and she grew up in the Los Angeles area.At a very young age, Kat Von D became interested in visual arts, especially under the influence of the Latino visual style and culture. She decided to get a tattoo when she was just 14 years old, and soon began a career in the field of tattoo design. Later, she became a well know celebrity through her reality show Miami Ink.

But, it’s clear that Kat Von D wasn’t only interested in her skin, but also in her facial features.The rumors started a while back, and they began when people noticed a slight change in her appearance, especially in her face area. Because of her inkling towards body modification, a plastic surgery didn’t seem like something that Kat Von D would avoid. But, the artist left no comment on the topic. By analyzing her photographs, journalist noticed that the base of her nose seemed to be narrower, and her eyebrows looked like they had been lifted. Others concentrated on her breast, speculating that they were augmented, most likely by silicone implants.

Kat Von D plastic surgery on the nose area would probably be a rhinoplasty, which is an operation that includes the reshaping of the nose area through bone, skin and cartilage manipulation. The heightened brow area could be achieved with a specialized facelift procedure known as a brow lift. In this plastic surgery procedure, excess facial skin is removed to achieve the impression that the brow area is higher up on the face.

Kat-Von-D-Plastic-Surgery-Before-And-After  3


The thing that still seems odd is Kat Von D age. The artist was 1982, making her in her early thirties. At this young age, any plastic operation would be a little premature, and its effect may even become unwanted over time. In other words, any current Kat Von D plastic surgery will probably need to be corrected later on, if the artist really did undergo any surgical procedure. The rhinoplasty is the longest lasting procedure in the list. Brow lift, however, often demands a surgical repeat because the skin naturally loses elasticity.

In any case, Kat Von D still looks stunning and beautiful. If she really did have any kind of plastic surgery, it was completed flawlessly. If not, her natural good looks are standing the test of time, which should be a big surprise for the now 32-year-old artist. Kat Von D plastic surgery may or may not have had happened, but her attractiveness is undeniable.