If you observe Anna Faris Plastic Surgery before after photos, you will notice the incredible changes that she has undergone. Like many other Hollywood celebrities, Anna Faris procured enhancement features to augment her looks. While there are some celebrities who look great even without having undergone enhancement procedures, virtually every celebrity today insists on undergoing plastic surgery in a bid to alter their figures and faces in order to look fashionable and trendy. Some simply feel unsatisfied with their natural appearance. Anna Faris admittedly says that she underwent some modifications on her looks. 

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Anna Faris gained fame in the Scary Movie. And although she looked young and beautiful, she was still said to have undergone cosmetic surgery. By taking a look at her before and after photos, you would identify clear differences on her breast size, lips, nose, chin and several other facial features. These days, plastic surgery is used by many people to improve on their appearance. Knowing that you are good-looking can help boost your self-confidence. 

Anna Faris plastic surgery

Breast augmentation 

One of the most visible modifications in her looks is one her curves. Many people admit that she looks more beautiful and sexier than she previously was. And she looks very satisfied with her new looks. Her modified breasts have helped her gain much more confidence. Anna Faris surgery after pictures clearly show that her breasts look fuller and bigger than before. It is clear that he obtained breast augmentation via implants to ensure her cups look that way. 
When the gorgeous actress was asked to clarify the matter, Anna admittedly said that she obtained breast implants to change her cup size to look better than they used to be in the past. She also pointed out that she is happy with the surgery results. 

Filler injection

Another modification is filler injection. Normally many people like to use Restylane or Juvederm that is injected on the face. Here, the rumor is that she used silicone as fillers. The silicone could have been used on some parts of her face, including the chin and the cheek. This is because these two parts appear plumper than before.

Lip augmentation 

Apart from fuller cups and plumper cheeks, Anna’s lips are currently more curvy and fleshy. Her before and after surgery photos clearly show this. She possibly also underwent brow lift procedure bearing in mind that her eyes seem to be more radiant nowadays. 

Nose job 

Another amazing Anna Faris plastic surgery hint is on the shape of her nose. Her nose now looks refined. She probably had nose job to improve on her nasal structure as can be seen on her new photos. In addition, if you observe her entire face, you will realize that her facial skin looks smoother despite being 37 years old. Very few women can have such looks at her age. 

anna faris plastic surgery before after

Surgery Results

The results of the Anna Faris surgery are stunning. It is clear that her plastic surgeon was used to what she wanted. This shows that the surgery was a major success. With her new looks, Anna Faris is a fresh sensation in the Hollywood world. Anna Farris appears significantly different following her plastic surgery. The best thing about her celebrity plastic surgery is that she is happy with it.