When it comes to celebrities there is a lot of pressure to look young and fabulous. Susan Lucci is no exception to it. Susan Lucci plastic surgery has helped her to reinvent her youthful and impressive looks. Plastic surgery has obviously become a major part of celebrity culture today. In the late 20th century many celebrities and socialites have decided to for the cosmetic surgical procedure to improve their looks and appearance. Susan Lucci is one of the hot throbs of millions of fans and her plastic surgery has been one of the hottest topics in Hollywood. Even at the age of 66 this celebrity looks younger with an incredibly glowing and wrinkle free skin.

susan licci plastic surgery

A leading plastic surgeon is of the opinion that Susan Lucci has procured a face lift, eyelid surgery, cheek implants and brow lift. All these corrective procedures were done with perfection that no one could guess that she has ever had one. When compared to her looks a few years back one can notice a slight alternation in her brow. Her brow looks little pulled up and has a different shape also. This clearly indicates that she has gone under the knife to improvise her brows.

She has also had a face lift that made the sagging skin around her face vanish. The plastic surgeon has really done a perfect job and now her face looks well-toned, upright, sculptured and refined too will absolutely less wrinkles. Besides face lift Susan Lucci must also have undergone cheek implants to make her cheeks appear fuller and higher.

Susan Lucci has also undergone breast augmentation to ensure a firmer figure and a youthful appearance. She has opted for a breast enhancement surgery to have a big bust to perfectly fit her well structured figure. She has also opted for an eyelid surgery to remove sagging and drooping eyelids. Generally with the advancement in age most women tend to develop baggy lower eyelids and some loose skin around the eyes. Susan Lucci’s eyelid surgery has done wonders in making her more watchful and youthful also.

This celebrity is also believed to have undergone a chemical peel, an effective technique that exfoliates the skin by removing dead skin cells to reveal a softer, smoother and younger looking skin. This cosmetic procedure also removes spots and blemishes. Susan Lucci’s skin is now totally devoid of dead cells, spots and scarring.

susan lucci plastic surgery before after


However just like every other celebrity Susan Lucci also refuses to accept that she has under these cosmetic procedures to enhance her looks. She attributes her youthful looks and petite figure to her strict exercise regime and healthy diet. However she admits that she has undergone a nose job at the age of 47 and that too to correct her breathing problem. Though she insists that it is purely natural to have such a youthful figure and attractive look at this age is only possible through plastic surgery and none other than that.

Susan Lucci plastic surgery was a great success that has helped her regain her “Fountain of Youth” and restore her youthful self.