Jenifer Lopez plastic surgery is a debatable issue since the singer herself does not admit having undergone any form of plastic surgery. However, many people including experts and surgeons presume that this Hollywood starlet had a lip reduction, breast and cheek implants and a nose job. It is definite enough that this reputable pop star has had some treatments on his face owing to the fact that she has a stunning intact facial skin at his age, precisely 43! Probably she might have used Botox injections or even cosmetic surgeries. She looks young and attractive and in fact, her alleged after and before pictures shows that, at least she underwent some treatments.

jennifer lopez plastic surgery

The singer herself stated that she is not into plastic surgery whatsoever regardless of her age. Either way, if she underwent plastic surgery, then Jenifer Lopez cosmetic plastic surgery is one of the most successful celeb plastic surgeries. She doesn’t admit ever getting her face incised for plastic surgery. Judging using the singer’s before and after photos, Jenifer’s nose looks straight, sturdy and defined now than before. The nostrils together with the tip are narrower and a bit more projected making her nose fit to the geometry of her face. However, you shouldn’t underestimate the impacts of makeup! Excellent makeup techniques can make you look younger and stunning just like Jenifer at her age

When it comes to her chest, the breasts based on the recent pictures shows that they are larger and more projected. As this might be achieved through breast enlargement cosmetic surgery, the same can be achieved using wonder bras. Her breasts projected her lips and nose well defined makes Jenifer a beautiful woman at her age. It is unbelievable how the star doesn’t have a singer wrinkle at her current age. Cosmetologists and other experts in plastic surgery believe that this can only be achieved by means of laser rejuvenation procedures and injection of Restylane or Botox.

Many surgeons attest that her looks doesn’t show that Jenifer Lopez is unfamiliar with plastic surgery. The singer says that the effect came after constant struggles to lose a few pounds but surgeons suggest that she went through a liposuction to assist her counter her troubling body areas. Doctors after reviewing her previous and recent pictures articulate that the starlet must have undergone Blepharoplasty and Rhinoplasty. In fact, her recent pictures show that her cheek bones appear to be more contoured than before. J Lo’s plastic surgery must have been done very carefully and tastefully. No single part of her body shows signs of that the surgery was underdone or overdone.


jennifer lopez tummy tuck

Even at her 40s, nutritionist says that the singer can make incredible changes to her body through diet and exercise. Hence it is hard to completely say if the Hollywood star had a plastic surgery. With her lips looking great, it is not easy to conclude that she underwent a lip reduction cosmetic surgery because she might have used a broader outline with her lip liner.

Actually, no one is 100 percent sure if the singer underwent any form of plastic surgery but her stunning looks could be due to good diet and exercise.