In Hollywood, there are endless plastic surgery disasters which are either false or true since many celebrities don’t come out openly on this issue. Once the audience notices a drastic change in a celeb’s body configuration or unusual youthful appearance, they will create all kind of plastic surgery rumors.

Suzanne Somers plastic surgery rumors started when people noticed her unnaturally youthful skin irrespective of being on her 60s. Suzanne Somers is an author and an actress where she has taken an important role in movies such as; she’s the sheriff and Step by Step.

Suzanne Somers plastic surgery before and after

Suzanne Somers plastic surgery before and after

Suzanne Somers has attributed her youthful looks to regular exercises and proper diets which have drastically transformed her skin. Her healthy lifestyle theory was okay when she was young but now, she has reached her 60’s and her skin is still wrinkle free, smooth and youthful as shown by her recent photos. This doesn’t look so natural for a woman of her age.

Some of the possible plastic surgery she could have undertaken as indicated by her before and after plastic surgeries pictures include facelifts, lip augmentation, Botox injections and cheek fillers. Suzanne has come out strongly to deny these allegations terming them unrealistic.

Suzanne Somers

Suzanne Somers at 60 – Does it look natural?

However, critics such as Dr. Paul Nassif, a famous plastic surgeon, has contributed to Suzanne Somers Plastic Surgery. He said that irrespective of Suzanne being a healthy lifestyle guru, her young looking skin is unnatural and there is possibility she might have had cheek and lip fillers.

Despite the possibilities of having plastic surgery, we cannot say that all the rumors are facts until she has confirmed them. Although she could have had a little of plastic surgery, the procedure used was subtly and hard to notice.

Comparing Suzanne Somers Plastic Surgery before and after photos, there is great possibility she has taken the anti-aging treatment. One such treatment is Botox injections, common with Hollywood celebrities where they use it to get rid of their aging signs such as wrinkles. Through the use of Botox injections, Suzanne has been able to tighten her skin therefore eliminating wrinkles. This makes her face to look extra smooth and shinny.

Suzanne Somers Plastic Surgery

Suzanne Somers after surgery

Another noticeable thing in Suzanne Somers plastic surgery is lips. If you compare the previous and recent pictures, you will notice a drastic change on her lips size an indication of possible lips augmentation. Her lips appear fuller but match the fullness on her cheeks.

Even if the rumors on Suzanne Somers Plastic Surgery are false or true, we will all agree that her new body configuration is pretty good and now she looks more beautiful and attractive for her age. The mission of Suzanne Somers plastic surgery if it really happened was to maintain her youthfulness without contributing to any visible changes on her face.

It is easy to notice a celebrity who has undertaken breast implants, lip augmentation and rhinoplasty but with Suzanne, it is difficult to notice due to subtle procedure employed. For example, it is difficult to say that the actress has had cheeks lift as the fullness in them could have been caused by weight gain.