Nowadays, most Hollywood celebrities are undertaking cosmetic surgeries when they start getting older with a motive to maintain their youth and public attractiveness. At his 70s, there are rumors which associate Robert Redford with plastic surgeries. These rumors started a few years ago when individuals noted that he still looked very good with natural young looking skin despite his age.

Robert Redford is a Hollywood actor who is remembered for his important role in movies such as the String, the Way We Were among others. Today, Redford is interested in politics and his acting career is somehow dwindling.

Robert Redford with plastic surgeries

Robert Redford after plastic surgeries

Rumors on Robert Redford plastic surgery usually revolve around his face. Some individuals believe that he could have had eyelid lift, Botox injections and face lifts. Robert Redford has come out strongly to object the allegations of possible plastic surgeries.

However, if we compare his before and after photos, we notice some physical changes on the actor facial appearance. For example, if you look at his eyes they appear brighter and wider despite his old age. The sagging bag behind his eyes appears to have been removed. Furthermore, there are no wrinkles on the actor’s face which makes him looks younger than his age.

Robert Redford plastic surgery before and after

Robert Redford plastic surgery before and after

Debate on Robert Redford plastic surgery started when people realized he still looked younger than his real age. There were speculations that his facial skin lacks wrinkles and forehead lines, unusual thing for a man of this age. Lack of aging signs leaves many with questions of how he maintains his facial skin so healthy.

Some critics have been citing the possible use of healthy diets and regular exercises. Others suggest use of anti aging creams while others suggest the possible use of Botox injection. Yes, it is none other than Botox just by the look of his tighten skin which lacks unwanted baggy skin.

Robert Redford Plastic Surgery Rumors

Robert Redford Plastic Surgery Rumors

If you compare Robert Redford after and before plastic surgery pictures, you will realize he has no wrinkles. The use of Botox has eliminated the aging signs but has left his face frozen. Rumors suggest that it is possible Robert has had a face lift. This could have been done to rejuvenate the skin so as to give it a young and growing appearance. Facelift has left his facial skin well tighten up.

There is great possibility that Robert Redford has had eyelift. The eyelid surgery has eliminated the sagging skin on the eyes making them to remain wide open and brighter. When you closely look at his recent pictures, you will realize his upper lid has been reduced by removing the skin that was hooding the eye.

Robert Redford with designer Kathy O'Rear

Robert Redford with designer Kathy O’Rear

It is also clear that the lowered lid has been operated removing the shabby skin. His wrinkle free face and perfect wide open eyes are an attribute of plastic surgery. Despite the fact that he has come out to deny the allegations, it is good to state that the plastic surgery has made him younger and more handsome.

All in all, it seems Robert Redford plastic surgery rumors are somehow true despite his denial. Some subtle changes on his appearance can be isolated by observing his recent and past pictures. Whether Robert Redford accepts or denies the allegations, one thing is for sure that he looks great and young as well.

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