There is always an extreme pressure on celebrities to retain their youthful and public figures as they continue to grow old. Since this is impossible, some of them sort out for plastic surgeries which can help them reverse their aging process.

Olivia Newton John is one such actress, singer and songwriter who is alleged to have carried out a number of plastic surgeries both on her face and breast so as she can remain beautiful and attractive to her audience and general public.

Olivia Newton John

Olivia Newton John

Olivia Newton John shot to fame at her twenties when she was looking super hot and attractive. Since then, she has been awarded four Grammy awards and her many music films are still being sold up to date. At her 60s, Olivia Newton John has undergone a number of challenges including breast cancer diagnosis in 1992 and recent rumors of possible plastic surgeries.

Rumors on Olivia Newton John gets plastic surgery came into effect after individuals and critics realized that she still looked unnaturally young with her over sixty years of age. People started suggesting the possibility of having taken plastic surgeries procedures such as Botox treatment, facelifts and facial fillers.

Olivia Newton John has strongly denied the rumors terming them as mere allegations which have no roots or basis. The only minor plastic surgery and cosmetic alterations she accepted is on breast implants.

olivia newton john plastic surgery before and after

Olivia newton john plastic surgery before and after

Olivia Newton John breast implant has totally reconstructed her breasts. The surgery did not change the size of her breasts but she remained thankful to the procedure as it helped her to retain the shape of her breasts after undergoing breast cancer treatment.

The basis of Olivia Newton John gets plastic surgery was rooted on her extra shining face and plumbed lips as indicated by her recent photos. The effects of the procedure used to modify her physique were great and the surgeon used was well experienced. However, the media has found out a topic of discussion.

The plastic surgery totally transformed her face which doesn’t look similar to a woman of 60s. This is because of the absence of wrinkles and forehead lines.

Olivia Newton John smooth and shinning face is attributed to Botox injections and use of fillers. If you compare her recent and the previous pictures, you will notice a totally different woman who has no wrinkles or other aging signs on her cheeks and forehead. The Botox used is perfect because the facial muscles are still normal and easy to move as she laughs.

Olivia Newton John plastic surgeries photo

If you look at her recent plastic surgeries photos, you will realize she has great wide eyes. For a woman who is past sixty, you will find most have puffy eyes which looks tired and weak. Rumors suggest that she could have used blepharoplasty or eyelid surgeries so as to remove the sagging skin from the area of the eye. This tightens the eye thus removing the wrinkles around. Her wide bright eyes have given her a perfect facial configuration.

There are some people who suggest that she has had lip cheeks fillers. This has made her cheeks to look plump and attractive. Her lips appear to be more attractive and matching with her mouth structure.

Whether the rumors are true or not, what is so evident is that the over sixty years’ old musician and actress looks naturally beautiful and attractive.