Stacy Keibler – an American-actress, a retired wrestling-pro, and valet most popular for her work with Word Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and World Championship Wrestling (WCW), was born in Maryland USA. A relatively young girl, she is a popular artist in part, due to her early start in dance training. From 1999 to 2006, she served as a wrestling-pro, while also serving as an actress. Since 2001, she has also focused on modeling assignments.

Stacy Keibler

Stacy Keibler

Known for long and lean legs, the 5 ft 11 inches the Maxim favorite and former WWE star, is a popular celebrity. She attracted additional attention when it was revealed to a journalist that her legs were insured. She even went further to explain how the insuring process works as it requires a thorough physical examination and a lot of paper work. It is often a challenge because it is a special form of disability insurance, but the hard work is helpful for publicity and so most celebrities insure body parts.

Career and physique:

Stacy Keibler’s professional career was progressing, and she continued working as a physiotherapist and learning Mass Communication, at a school in Baltimore. She started as a cheerleader for Baltimore Ravens football team even before she graduated. This opportunity enabled her to get the attention of several media personalities, and introduced her to the big stage, including a role in ‘Pecker’.

In 1999, Stacey won a competition and emerged in to the WCW scene with a Nitrogirl opportunity. She quickly rose to become a public start and gained fame. The 5’11” with long legs (41″) was part of the WWE and she became an even more prominent star. She is the only female wrestling star that tries to keep beauty natural.

The change process

Stacey Keibler, despite a gorgeous look, also opted for plastic surgery for enhancements. Fans and critics believe that Stacy Keibler plastic surgery was done to modify the shape of her nose. Previously rounded and bulbous nose, it has after the surgery acquired a scaled down look, feeling narrow and longer in shape. This is most likely due to Stacy Keibler rhinoplasty.

Stacy Keibler plastic surgery before and after

Stacy Keibler plastic surgery before and after

Rhinoplasty, commonly referred to as nose job is a plastic surgery procedure for correcting and/or reconstructing the form and functions so as to aesthetically enhance the nose. Closed and open rhinoplasty can be performed to correct nose architecture, unlike many other celebrity modifications; the new nose appears to suit her well. Given that she has opted for the appropriate amount of change, Stacy Kiebler nose job can actually be deemed, successful.

It has become pretty obvious that Stacey has had a new nose job, comparing her looks prior to the surgery and after. Critics speculate that she had opted for plastic surgery, injecting botox in the face and even some fillers and laser peels on her face.

Stacy Keibler with dog

Stacy Keibler via

Stacey remarked at one time that due to her wrestling days, she had her nose broken several times, and perhaps needed some adjustments. Apparently she also had a jaw surgery done a few years ago. However, all these resulting in Stacey’s plastic surgery change result in improved looks.