60 years old Leslie Candace Visser who was born in Quincy, Massachusetts, USA, is a well established and intelligent sports writer, sports caster and radio personality. At a time when women were not allowed to report for sports, she was the first analyst on television for the National Football League. She is a reporter for the CBS news and sports presently and was the first woman to handle the Super Bowl tournaments awards.

Lesley Visser

She was married to a sports caster, Dick Stockton, whom she divorced and later married former Harvard basketball captain and hotel owner, Bob Kanuth. She studied English as a major at Boston College and has won a lot of awards for her sports journalism. It is known that Leslie Visser suffered a terrible jogging accident in 1993 at the New York Central Park which resulted in damage to her face and her hips. She even had to undergo plastic surgery for her face and an artificial hip replacement in 2006.

Of course, we all know that Leslie Visser’s plastic surgery for her face was done after her accident but recently, her face seems very different from the Leslie Visser face, we usually see on the television. It seems to have a certain glow and pump that can only be attributed to facial surgery of a recent kind.

Leslie Visser Nose Job

Leslie Visser plastic surgery before after

Leslie Visser plastic surgery before after

Leslie Visser’s rhinoplasty or nose job is rather obvious and the result is very favorable. From her previous photos, one can notice that her nose was a bit wider but in the recent photos, you can see that she has had a nose job done. Her nose appears a bit narrower, more elegant and almost perfect for her face with a tip that points more.

Leslie Visser Botox Shots

As stated earlier, Leslie Visser’s plastic surgery shows well on her face, causing it to glow more than usual. For a woman aged 60, Leslie’s face appears 25 years younger, with no wrinkles or sagging. Her cheeks have a lot of pumps in them and her face skin which should be wrinkling, seems to shine even more and look tighter.

This can be attributed to Leslie Visser’s Botox injections and dermal fillers. As one of her Football fans noticed, “Leslie doesn’t sound the same, her smile seems forced and her face looks tighter, as if she were having difficulties talking”.

Leslie’s Boob Job

As most celebrities with cosmetic surgeries, Leslie Visser’s breast augmentation seems to have completed the package and it makes her look hot, compared to a 60 year old woman. She is one of those women who wants to remain young and beautiful and thus, has embraced plastic surgery.

Fans speak

Even though Leslie Visser looks younger and more beautiful with the blonde patches in her hair and her plastic surgery, some Football fans still think her fake face is too obvious with her eyebrows, halfway up her forehead. All in all, Leslie still remains an icon in the sports world and a very talented and intelligent sports caster and sports writer and has set the bars for other females, in her line of work.