Selena Marie Gomez is one of the famous American singer and actresses. She started her career in Barney and friends and made many appearances in her career. She is very well known for her Disney career and for dating Justin Bieber, the famous singer. Now she also got added to the list of celebrities who are rumored to have undergone plastic surgeries. The most important part of the Selena Gomez plastic surgery rumor is her breast augmentation.

Selena Gomez Breast implants

It was rumored that the actress had a breast augmentation. The Selena Gomez breast surgery rumor started when her cleavage started to look double in size. It is also said that her breast augmentation was done for her boyfriend, Justin Bieber. When asked about this breast surgery, the actress did not approve or denied it; she chose to remain silent.

Selena Gomez breast implants before and after

Selena Gomez breast implants before and after



The Selena Gomez plastic surgery before and after pictures prove that she indeed did undergo plastic surgery. Though a few people think that the size of her breast is due to the push up bras and photographic illusion, the vote goes for breast augmentation. The rumor has another face, that the actress has undergone the surgery to enhance her career success. However, the Justin Bieber angle, cannot be ignored.

Natural nose

The natural nose of the actress is a bit bulbous and slightly wide. There are many critics who comment on her nose and many fans suggest her to get a nose job. However, the actress seems to be happy about how her nose looked. With the money and popularity that she has received, she said that she does not plan to get a nose job done. Nevertheless, she has undergone breast augmentation. So, the question arises: is the breast augmentation really for Justin Beiber?

Lip fillers

There were rumors about Selena Gomez lip surgery too. Her lips seem to be fuller, shiny and perfect. This may be due to makeup but the critics argue that she had used lip fillers to increase the size of her lips.

The other side of the rumor says that the lips can be shown bigger with the help of lip plumper, lighting and lip liner. With this confusion, only the actress can throw light on what’s real but she remains silent on any questions, when asked about her lips or breast surgery.

Selena Gomez plastic surgery

Selena Gomez plastic surgery

Now to talk about the success of the plastic surgery, the Selena Gomez plastic surgery is pretty obvious, when it comes to the breast size. There are also rumors about the lip fillers, face lift and other facial jobs, which cannot be clearly proved, until the actress accepts it. Thus, this clearly makes the plastic surgery for her, a huge success.

The best part of it is that she did not overdo it and clearly, whatever she did has not affected her face, adversely. Though it may be for her boyfriend Justin Bieber or for her career, it is clearly seen that she is more gorgeous than her previous look.