Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, also called Lady Gaga is a well reputed singer and song writer. Not just this, she is also an activist, record producer, business woman, fashion designer, philanthropist and an actress.

Based in New York, she began to perform in rock music scene of Manhattan’s Lower East Side. But she was actually spotted in the lime light with her “The Fame” an August 2008 debut album that was a critical and commercial success. Her second album “Born This Way” was released in August 2011 and topped the major markets album charts. Then her third album, “Applause” was released in August 2013.

Lady Gaga nose job before after

Lady Gaga nose job before after



Lady Gaga Nose Job – This 27 year old celebrity when took to the stage to speak at the celebration in New York in July 2013, her nose was seen slimmer and thinner. When asked to the Gaga’s spokesperson, she refused to say any details about her nose job.

As long as past four months, many outlets are accusing her of undergoing the surgery. In the past interviews with Lady Gaga, she had clearly and openly declared that she would never go under the knife to enhance her beauty and appearance.

Back in 2011, when she was interviewed by Harper’s Bazaar after prosthetic horns and telling that they were her bones she also explained that she never had a plastic surgery and that many of the pop singers have had.

She also added that promoting insecurity in the form of plastic surgery is much more harmful than artistic expression related to bodily modification. Celebrity did not stopped there. She continued that today the magazine covers are filled with new brand new faces that has all had the surgery done and that she has never done.

Lady Gaga with her pet

Lady Gaga with her pet

Lady Gaga can be causing controversies by her looks but her absence from social networking sites can also raise questions and confusions.

Also, Brendan Jay Sullivan, her former BFF is somehow exposing fantasies in his new book- Rivington Was Ours: The Lower East Side, Lady Gaga and the Prime of our Lives. He also claims that Lady Gaga wanted to desperately change her looks before getting into the spotlight of fame.

He remembers her once saying “I am getting a nose job done.” He also said that she said it very simply and that it could also be that she might think of bleaching her hair. She once explained that she even wanted to do uplift her breasts. Nobody knows but that what was noted in a book.

Lady Gaga without makeup

Lady Gaga without makeup via

Pop singer, who has over 39 million followers on Twitter recently proclaimed that she will be leaving the site for a temporary short period of time. Her profile picture has been changed to default and has written “please check back updates and interface has been shut down temporarily”. It is discussed that her taking off from Twitter can be to coincide with promotional drive for her new album.

Coming back to Lady Gaga nose job 2011 before and after, her previous nose was big and poorly defined but new nose is better and slimmer. But there is pump on her nose which makes some plastic surgeons wonder why it that she has done a partial nose job?