Christy Turlington is a well known supermodel of the nineties. She is the wife of a famous producer Ed Burns and is the affectionate mother to two. She is a good model cum social symbol. She has inclination towards the awareness of maternal health of the globe. She is the ambassador for CARE and thus spends most of the time towards the social cause.

She has care and concern for the various problems women undergo during the times of labour and post natal times. Christy Turlington nose job before after pictures reveals that it is a true story.

Christy Turlington nose job before and after

Christy Turlington nose job before and after

Even though she earlier denied it, but the past and present looks clearly define that the surgery for correction and reshaping of the nose has been undertaken.

The difference is very clearly visible at the tip of the nose. Earlier the tip was a little broader which now is shaped to a smaller and tip is finer.

The doctor who must have handled her cosmetic surgery would definitely be a good artist and skilled in the art of shaping the nose. All the people who were in close contact with her definitely found her to be more attractive and almost having the same natural looks.

Christy has been an all-time gorgeous lady and has a huge fan following. She knows the right choice for making women feel jealous about her looks and the men always admire and love the way she presents herself.

Christy Turlington with her kids - Grace and Finn

Christy Turlington with her kids – Grace and Finn

Christy Turlington now is appearing on the cover page of a well known magazine. Now she looks even more matured and smart in all the features.

Even at the age of 44, you would be surprised to see the complexion that she has maintained. The supermodel is proud to tell her exact age which otherwise women would like to keep a secret.

She surely has good genes which help her to look younger as she grows older in age. She is the one who feels great about growing older with each day.

Christy is very talented and a discipline lady. She is regular at her yoga and workouts to maintain her health. She is equally humanitarian. May be this is the quality that makes her different and beautiful not only on the outside which people see, but also the inner beauty that is reflected on her face.

Christy Turlington In Mumbai slum area (India)

Christy Turlington In Mumbai slum area (India)

She is a young at heart person and hence the output at work is tremendous. She can still shoot for lingerie brands. She has been in a constant tie up with the famous Calvin Klein brand and this partnership dates back in the 1997. The loyal friendship is for more than 20 years. She still is a model for them.

Recently she has tied up with the Esprit brand and is devoted to the cause of women healthcare. Especially in the areas of awareness of the maternal deaths and the health of the new born. But, Christy turlington plastic surgery nose job is still in doubt.

Even though we do connect Christy Turlington nose job, with the celebrity habits, she surely is not the kind of person who is selfish about herself and her good looks. She is more a person who believes in giving to others what she can to the best.