Have you ever wondered if the celebrities had secrets? Tough questions though. Even though they are surrounded by the media and the news reporters, stars do try to keep secrets. Though it is said that life of a star is an open book, stars constantly try to hide one or the other things that they think might hinder their success.

Cameron Diaz, a well known actress and a former model, has a great reputation for “The Mask“. She was the featured on the front cover of July 1990 issue of the “Seventeen”. So, apparently, her success story started way back in 1990. But, it is also known that Cameron is the highest paid actress in Hollywood industry over 40. What is the secret of her beauty and her?

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz – unexpected click? via dailymail.co.uk



Of course, hard work has no short cut. But there are other options like the plastic surgeries, Botox and other cosmetic therapies that make their age hide.

Cameron Diaz has been adding to the many surprises she gives to her fans. She tries all the possible things to enhance her beauty and appearance. Cameron Diaz nose job photos have a history in itself. Read on to know more.

Unlike many other celebrities, Cameron Diaz openly admitted her decision about getting the nose job done. Long back in 2003, she wanted it for her accidentally injured nose and then in 2006, she reported that she was unable to breathe.

Cameron Diaz nose job before and after

Cameron Diaz nose job before and after

But it has been also reported that the model turned actress has underwent this nose job almost 4 times till now. She also boldly reported in a magazine that this was purely a medical surgery and not cosmetic.

Again unlike many other nose jobs that went wrong, her nose job showed positive results. The shape didn’t change much and her nose still looks natural and straight.

She was also in the rumours of getting treated with Botox and fillers and has having breast implants. Plastic surgeons have confirmed that Cameron has gone under the knife for the nose job.

Cameron Diaz with her dog

Cameron Diaz with her dog

Cameron Diaz repeatedly consulted the same surgeon and the actress claimed that she an accident with surfboard and it is too difficult to breathe and thereby wants to undergo surgery. One might wonder how the nose can break four times.

There are rumours that Dr Raj Kanodia did the surgery for the gorgeous Cameron. He is the same surgeon who performed for Jennifer Aniston and Ashlee Simpson. Anyways, Cameron Diaz is not the only actress who’s having this medical reason, Ashley Tisdale and Jennifer Aniston also admitted the same problem.

If the fans and the people accepts her saying this, then where should there be a difference in her face? Her face looks fresher and fuller than ever before. Such gorgeous and glamorous looks are the result of the fillers. Or maybe, it can also be a result of weight gain.

Cameron Diaz without makeup

Cameron Diaz without makeup

Cameron also shared her views on the plastic surgeries that went wrong with the other celebrities. She once spoke with Daily Express, “What on earth posses them to go destroy their own character? To go under the knife to do that, well it’s sick.”

When asked about the breast or butt job, she frankly said she won’t do that as it won’t suit her bony structure. Cameron Diaz nose job doctor has always surprised the fans with her plastic surgeries and now all we need to do is waiting and see when the next nose job is done?