A popular American TV host and analyst for numerous television shows was born in June 1954 in Wisconsin. Greta gained international reputation for her legal commentary in several TV shows. She offered comments and criticism of events, while hosting shows.

Greta Van Susteren is remembered as a TV news reader and TV show host, and worked for CNN and Fox Television Channels. She claims that she worked for CNN at one time, and was benched for about a month, due to her look and eye features, in particular. It is widely believed that this forced her to introspect and she decided to undergo eye plastic surgery.

Greta Van Susteren plastic surgery before and after

Greta Van Susteren plastic surgery before and after

The public was surprised to see the changes and concluded that these are not natural changes and they must be a medical intervention or procedure. The now, nearly 60-year old TV personality worked at Fox in the early 2000s and prior to that was the host of the popular show ‘The Point’ at the CNN network.

She created quite a stir across the US since undergoing plastic surgery to modify her eye lids, some facial features, including her nose and nostrils. Eventually, Greta Van Susteren admitted to having undergone an eye lift procedure, and botox injections and a facelift although some of the information has not been confirmed by Greta.

Why plastic surgery?

Greta Van Susteren facelift was quite a popular discussion topic then, and it Plastic surgery has become a routine procedure for models, actors and several participants of the entertainment industry. Greta Van Susteran nose job and eye work are topics of numerous water-cooler discussions across the country.

The public was left wondering if it was a coincidence that Greta Van Susteran plastic surgery took place just prior to her role with ‘Fox news’. Some critics argue that her offer at Fox was contingent upon her agreeing to the facelift surgery.

Greta thinks that an opportunity to switch jobs provided her with the much needed time in between her work rigors. She always felt that there were bags under her eyes, and always wanted to fix that. In Jan 2002, she decided to pursue and engage in surgery to fix this.

The procedure and after phase:

Greta Van Susteran’s surgery was very short, it was a brief procedure involving a few hours of surgery, and within a week was fully functional. Greta did not suffer from post-operative pain and discomfort because she took pain killers just after surgery but eventually she did stop taking them.

Greta Van Susteren plastic surgery

Greta Van Susteren plastic surgery

This, in a way, helped eliminate side effects. However, even with no side effects from the painkillers, Greta’s face looked swollen due to surgery and her physician had advised her that the swelling would remain unchanged up to six weeks’ time. Despite everything looking fine, the swelling did not appear to fade after a few weeks.

One of the contentions of plastic surgery is that it could end up being a wrong change, and numerous examples of surgery going wrong –Jocelyn Wildenstein and Michael Jackson, for instance did not result in expected changes. In this case, we can conclude that Greta Van Susteran Plastic surgery was largely successful, with no or minimal negative effects, and helped her land, a good professional career.