Hilary Duff is a multi talented American personality: a model, an actress, a singer, a producer, an author and above all, an entrepreneur. She was born in the year 1987 and married Mike Comrie, at the early age of 23 years. She has been active in the Hollywood industry since her debut in the year 2001 and grew in fame with her performance in the Disney Channel television series ‘Lizzie McGuire’.

Hilary Duff and Plastic Surgery:

If experts are to be believed, there is strong rumor on the subject of Hilary Duff and plastic surgery. A comparison of her earlier photographs of 2006 and latest ones of 2010, before her marriage, spills the beans on this possible plastic surgery.

Hilary Duff Plastic Surgery Before and After

Hilary Duff Plastic Surgery Before and After



Though Hilary has publicly supported women undergoing plastic surgery and maintained that there is no harm in doing so, she has firmly refuted any reports of having done it herself, but does not rule out going under the knife in future, if she deems it necessary to do so. We understand that no woman would like her assets to be labeled as ‘fake’ and Hilary is well justified in concealing such information.

It is possible that at the young age, from 18 to 23, her body must have undergone several changes and could be the cause of difference between her initial and current appearances, but it is unlikely that all the changes can be attributed to natural growth and the hand of an experienced surgeon seems inevitable. Expert analyses reveal that Hilary has very likely had rhinoplasty, lip augmentation and cosmetic dentistry. Hillary Duff breast augmentation is also subject, which attracts a lot of attention,

Hilary Duff Breast Augmentation:

Nowadays, breasts implants are widely used not only by celebrities, but also by common people. Women, now, feel more confident when they have that perfect figure and Hilary Duff was no exception; being a Hollywood celebrity she thought it is essential to get one done. As per a renowned plastic surgeon, the perfect shape of her breasts is the result of silicone implants; though she has chosen not to enlarge them too much; she’s gone from around 34B to 36C.

Hillary Duff Rhinoplasty & Lip Augmentation:

Hilary has also undergone a minor rhinoplasty surgery, which is a procedure for restructuring the form of the nose. Consequently, her nose which was bulbous, with a nostril flare now appears narrower, giving her a more elegant look. Plastic surgeries not always give you the best results and sometimes do go wrong. While her previous two surgeries did well to enhance her appearance, Hilary lip augmentation, was unsuccessful.

Hillary Duff Rhinoplasty & Lip Augmentation

Hillary Duff Rhinoplasty & Lip Augmentation

Although the right amount of filler can improve one’s appearance, injecting too much could make it worse. That’s exactly what happened in Hilary’s case and she ended up with fish lips that gave her, a weird look. She also has reportedly undergone cosmetic dentistry since many critics had suggested that her front teeth were a bit too large.

Plastic Surgery and its Results:

While most celebrities choose to undergo plastic surgeries during their mid-ages, in order to extend their professional career, Hilary Duff’s plastic surgery at such a young age has surprised everyone. It’s a perfect example of how celebrities nowadays are prepared to subject their bodies to such procedures at the beginning of their careers, so as to achieve that perfectly toned figure. Although, Hilary Duff’s plastic surgery has yielded pretty good results, but was it really necessary?