What would you expect from the appearance of a woman over the age of 70? Someone with wrinkled skin, sagging cheeks and a bony structure, right! Dyan Cannon defies it all. Even at the age of 76, Dyan Cannon appears energetic and looks sensational, for her age.

Dyan Cannon

Dyan Cannon

Dyan Cannon is a Hollywood film and television series personality, is well known for her role in ‘Pink Panther’ movie. She was married to Hollywood legend, Cary Grant in 1965 and divorced him a couple of years later in 1968, but not before Dyan gave birth to their daughter, Jennifer, in 1966. If Dyan is to be believed, Cary, who was 33 years older to her, used to forcibly feed her with LSD, a hallucinating drug, which had taken a toll on Dyan’s health and physique.

Dyan Cannon and Plastic Surgery:

Despite of the doses of LSD, how do you think Dyan Cannon manages to preserve her appearance even at the age of 76? No, Dyan is not naturally ever-green; age does catch up with everyone and so did it with her too; but Dyan Cannon has defied it by adopting modern day plastic surgery. The result is that Dyan still appeals to the Hollywood public as a sex symbol, with her last television assignment being just a few years ago in 2008.

Dyan Cannon Plastic Surgery

Dyan Cannon Plastic Surgery via tmz.com


The plastic surgery undergone by Dyan Cannon can be well identified if you closely watch her earlier photographs and her latest photographs, although the ‘young’ woman claims she hasn’t done so. Her latest photos give a more defined look to her face, with the facial wrinkles gone and the skin more tight and smooth. Most fans know about Dyan Cannon Facelift.

The crow’s feet, which are the wrinkles, around her eyes have vanished. Dyan Cannon took Botox injections, making her younger and youthful. Dyan Cannon lip injections gave her lips the plump and puffy look which happens to be a craze amongst women nowadays and the cheek filler injections to prevent her cheeks from sagging.


Dyan Cannon has also undergone liposuction, a procedure to remove excess and unwanted fat from various parts of her body. The procedure was necessary for her, to get back that much needed perfectly toned body, which was essential to maintain her place in Hollywood.

Plastic Surgery and its Results:

What motivated Dyan Cannon, to go under the knife post her 70’s, is debatable; was it just her desire to earn more or the fear of being relegated into oblivion from the industry where she had spent 50 years of her life?

Dyan Cannon & her dog J.C.

Dyan Cannon & her dog J.C.

Was it Dyan Cannon’s desire to re-live her youth once again, with the man of her choice, considering that she had spent her life with a person who was 33 years older than her. Whatever the reason, the results of Dyan Cannon’s plastic surgery procedure are clear- look like 40 even at the age of 70.

Although, some critics term Dyan Cannon as a bad example of plastic surgery and would instead have preferred to see her age naturally, the fact remains that the procedure has done her a lot of good and even these days, the 76 year old Lakers fan can be spotted in skinny tops and jeans, cheering her team.