There are many celebrities in Hollywood that went through plastic surgeries, while some of them were good majority failed. One of the failed cases is with Wayne Newton. He is an American songster born in 3rd April 1942. He sings songs in classic and country mixed genre.

He started singing in Las Vegas, Nevada over forty years ago and has had shows of exceeding 30, 000 up until now. He is known in worldwide with other nicknames as well, like Mr. Entertainment, Mr. Las Vegas and The Midnight Idol. His best hit song is called “Daddy Don’t Walk So Fast” The stardust Casino showroom is named after him, Wayne Newton.

Wayne Newton

Wayne Newton

The Story of Wayne Newton and Plastic Surgery Recent times Newton is more famous in surgical area rather than music industry. When he appeared in Las Vegas show called “Dancing with the Stars” he was assumed as having Botox. But it was obvious that there were amendments to his face.

Actually men tend to get old more benevolently than women, yet the wrinkles still show the signs of aging. While, Newton Wayne had a perfect wrinkle free face that hints of some alteration on his appearance. This was a strike of the recent period in many tabloids and news of celebrities.

Probability of Wayne Newton’s Plastic Surgery

News and tabloids commented that Wayne’s eyebrows were not moved, while he commented that he had some Botox on his forehead, while the flawed wrinkles, according to himself were result of something else. It is assumed that he likely had a browlift and botox, as well as sharp jawline surgeries.

Wayne Newton Before After Plastic Surgery

Wayne Newton Before After Plastic Surgery

Usually such smooth face attributes are odd for a man in his age. However, this is not the worst case scenario compared to some other celebrity men like Burt Reynolds or Kenny Rogers. In a scathing online tabloid feature of worst male plastic surgeries, they outright accuse Wayne of having plastic surgery that made him look leather faced.

While critics blame Wayne Newton to be one of the worst male celebrities of having plastic surgery, he actually achieved to retain his youthful outlook, which anyway seems a little strange and atypical. If you view Wayne’s photos of his youth and recent ones you would distinguish of the changes he has gone with his nose as well. The latest photos show his nose had gotten big at the tip and it has a crooked shape.

Plastic surgery is a good shot to enhance the appearance, but if it is used again and again it could eventually be the result of creating own caricature. So it is better for Wayne Newton to stop applying anymore surgical experiences on his face.

Critics comment of Wayne’s case as unnecessary act in wrong direction. As of Wayne Newton better worry and take care of his astounding voice rather than his outlook in his seventies. This seems to be more important issue for a singer like Newton as he is an icon of music industry in Hollywood.