Hollywood star Anne Hathaway is born 12th November, 1982 in New York, Brooklyn. She was acknowledged for the role in Get Real 1999. She became famous after the Disney production The Princess Diaries. The movies she played are Alice in Wonderland, The Devil Wears Prada, Becoming Jane and many more. Recent movies she starred are in Les Miserables as Fantine and Selina in The Dark Knight Rises.

Recent buzz about Anne Hathaway does not belong to her career; it rather covers a topic – Anne Hathaway Plastic Surgery. Her nose is assumed to be adjusted quite noticeably, her past pictures and nowadays photos reveal the differences of her nose shape. Presumably her past photos show that she had a bigger nose which became slimmer in her recent photos.

Anne Hathaway Plastic Surgery

Anne Hathaway Plastic Surgery Before & After

Besides, people comment that she has done some changes with her breasts, as well. Anne Hathaway had fillers in her chest. However, many people claim that if she had done a breast surgery it looks pretty natural.

Even though, she had enchanting lips, critics say that she has done some alterations in that area, too. They suppose that she had augmented her lips. It is not one hundred percent proven but many argue that she did plastic surgery of her lips. Once she said that she wanted to do a nose job but then she ended up telling that an actor/actress should have individual face or it would become just a face.

In her recent photos it is noticeable that she did slight alterations in her nose and lips as well as nonsurgical cosmetics on her face to refresh. Moreover she has now bigger breasts and they look very natural.

The princess of Hollywood Anna Hathaway, did she get plastic operation of her nose or not? Or was it an exaggeration?

She is very beautiful for sure, but her latest photos show that she slightly used plastic surgery to improve her prettiness with her nose job and lips adjustments along with breast augmentation. What’s more she got the cosmetic dental adjustments.

While people say that she did used the surgery help, she stated that she wanted to fix her nose but then she decided not to purse that want since she was worried to have failed plastic surgical procedure. When she starred at Get Smart as Agent 99 obviously she was changed. Her nose, lips and breasts were different from her past. Evidently, she was changed for good side comparing with her outlook in The Princess Diaries.

Though her thicker lips might be result of ordinary cosmetics, she is still looking young and her breasts also look very natural by not hinting any traditional boob job signs. Maybe in the future she might change her mind and take the plastic surgeries. It would be silly to change her face or her young body by alteration of any type of knife operations. She is ranked in to 100 beautiful Hollywood actresses and with or without cosmetics she looks pretty nowadays.