Kristen Wiig is a famous American comedian, actress as well as writer. In 2003, she first appeared in a TV comedy show ‘The Joe Schmo Show’ in which she act as a quack marriage counselor. She is well known due to her funny character. Some of her films are Mac Gruber, Bridesmaids, Adventure land, Flight of the Conchords etc. May of her fans believe that she born to make the people laugh. All the time Kristen Wiig makes us laugh, but her nose job rumor is not the part of her fun.

Kristen Wiig nose job news makes the people very curious about the funny lady. She has become a center of attention after appearing with a different look in the sketch comedy show SNL or Saturday Night Live. Many of her fans noticed that her nose slightly unusual when she first time appeared on Saturday Night Live in 2006. Did she have a nose reshaping surgery? That’s the million dollar question!

Kristen Wiig

Kristen Wiig

Most of the people think that nose job or rhinoplasty is a good way to obtain the perfectness of our looks. Nowadays different types of plastic surgeries have become a regular trend in the Hollywood celebrity society.

In fact, it is a must for someone to do the nose surgery if she wants to be a big star in the show business world. Although Kristen Wiig has not openly stated regarding the rumor, but we can see the truth that she has had nose reshaping surgery to make her nose beautiful and smaller.

Shine Website has first reported the news of kristen wiig plastic surgery with two other celebrities. The editor of Shine Website found that Kristen’s nose appears different from the original wide nose and becomes thin and high nose.

To get clear idea about whether Kristen Wiig takes a nose job or not, you have to compare her latest after nose job photo with her befor nose job photo.

Kristen Wiig Nose Job Before After

Kristen Wiig Nose Job Before and After

It is very easy for us to identify the difference of Wiig’s nose size and shape from kristen wiig nose job before after photo comparisons. In fact, it is clearly seen that the size as well as shape of her nose are slightly different.

This is for the reason that her new post surgery nose appears compact and small. It also looks that her nose is not as wide as her original nose. Some people started to give their online opinion regarding her new nose.

It appears that her new nose is actually failed to make her fans appealing to see it. Her fans would want to see her performance in her natural look rather than artificial look.

They have a general view that normal looks give her fresh and unique look for perfect comedy. From the photo comparison, you can see that her previous nose looks normal and wide. Most of them said that there is something wrong with her face which they can’t identify and probably it is because the changing of the nose.

Famous Plastic surgery discussion website has discussed with a nasal reshaping surgery specialist Dr. Michael Salzhauer regarding the Kristen Wiig nose job.

Kristen Wiig Nose Job

Kristen Wiig Nose Job

The Miami rhinoplasty surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer explains MakeMeHeal that Kristen Wiig seems to have performed a big rhinoplasty. Wiig’s nose appears different in shape, it looks more defined with shorter & narrower nose tip.

It is true that there is no strong evidence regarding her plastic surgery particularly for nose job. Actually, we can find out it from a previous statement made by her in 2007. At that time, she told that she has to undertake some surgical operations as it is very essential for the show business.