Nowadays different plastic surgeries such as nose job, lip enlargement and breast job have become a frequent trend in the Hollywood celebrity society. Jessica Biel is a familiar and famous face to a lot of people. Biel is an American model, fabulous actress and singer. Jessica Biel was born in 1982 and entered in the celebrity house as a TV actress.

She is well known for her popular television role, Mary Camden in the family drama series “Seventh Heaven”. Recently Biel has married singer Justin Timberlake. She holds an undeniable beauty; however, there are some speculations regarding her natural beauty. Her undeniable beauty has made a lot of celebrities jealous of her smart looks and her booming career.

Jessica Biel Nose Job

Jessica Biel in 2003 & 2007



In an interview Jessica Biel has stated a different opinion about current plastic surgery trends. She is a young actress and the skin of her face has very little signs of wrinkles.

She says that “I am scared of aging process but I don’t prefer to go under blades. I don’t want to become horrible with plastic surgery.”

There is a lot of rumor about Jessica Biel nose job and other plastic surgery. These rumors state that Jessica Biel having a number of plastic surgery processes like Rhinoplasty and lip augmentation.

It has been reported that Jessica has consulted her local plastic surgeons for her nose job and liposuctions.

Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel

The difference in Jessica’s appearance from her previous days to now is extremely remarkable and there is a possibility that Jessica felt the necessity to change herself as a sexy as well as mature woman once her career rose from a little daughter on television to a giant movie star beauty.

Well, observing at Jessica’s series change over the years it appears like Jessica received lip injections through Collagen and nose job, as confirmed by her pouty lips and thin tip & narrower bridge nose in several public appearances.

While she may have been born with a complete lip pair, the additional volume in her lips does not look to be natural. The variations of her before and after nose job are not very easy to notice. Just take a deep look, earlier than Jessica Biel nose surgery was performed, her nose tip was slightly spherical, broad and not slim.

Jessica biel nose job before after

Jessica Biel nose job before after

However, her nose received a new look after undergoing the rhinoplasty. Her nose on jessica biel nose job before after shows a very attractive shape with sharp and narrow details.

In addition, it is possible to notice that Biel’s present nose tip is very thin and its bridge is also narrower. Her present nose is more sculpted than the old one. Jessica, herself has not disclosed anything regarding the sudden changes of her nose so we confirm whether or not she had done a nose job.

The 31 years singer’s nose may have been expertly reshaped by a rhino-plastic surgeon, as before surgery photos of Jessica reveal an extra bulbous tip, while her present nose is more sculpted, the bridge is narrower and the tip is thinner.

“There is a possibility of plastic surgery that Jessica’s tip has been thinned slightly,” stated Dr. Anthony Youn, a plastic surgery specialist.

Jessica Biel in 2013

Jessica Biel in 2013

According to Dr. Anthony, “Jessica Biel does seem to have had a lip injection, maybe with collagen or restylane. While her actual lips do appear heavier than the usual female’s lips, they seem to be enhanced.” Dr. Anthony also has confirmed about jessica biel nose job.

Jessica Biel’s boobs are good in shaped as well as perfect in size, a number of reporters alleged that she may have applied silicon pads in her breast through breast enlargement surgery.

Although most of the anecdotes are still unverified as the alterations in her figure and facial appearances are natural. A lot of plastic surgeons and celebrity observers judge that Biel did not stop at her nose and lips in her mission of perfection.