The rumor of Serbian Canadian actress Stana Katic nose job is also a hot issue for Hollywood lovers. Stana Katic is a well-known television and film actress was born on 26th April 1978 in Ontario, Canada to a Croatian mother and Serbian father.

At first she started to acquire the public concentration for her brilliant performance in the famous TV series Castle. In 2011 she was selected as TV’s hottest woman by Buddy TV. After the first success, she expanded her film career in many Hollywood movies like The Double, Truth About Kerry, For Lovers Only etc. Heroes, another TV series also contributed largely in her professional career development.

Stana Katic and Nathan

Stana Katic and Nathan

Although as a Hollywood star Stana appears less exposed when evaluated in terms of other Hollywood superstars, there are still gossips regarding her undeniable beauty. The most recent one is on the subject of whether or not she has received nose job.

Stana Katic nose job stories were spreading in blogs and celebrity criticism websites when she appeared on new Castle seasons with complete different look than she did before in her previous films.

Some of her regular fans revealed that there was a clear change on her face, particularly the recent shape of her nose which appears more polished and perfected.

As we know when you decide to do nose job surgery, there are two main processes that can be done. One is to diminish the nose size by withdrawing some tissue which is regarded as reduction rhinoplasty. Another is to add some tissue to the nose to give it an appropriate shape which is regarded as augmentation rhinoplasty.

Stana Katic rhinoplasty is likely to be a reduction rhinoplasty. Based on Stana Katic nose job before after pictures, it is so much evident that her original nose seem as piggy as well as distracting in which wide and round at the tip, while her current after surgery nose unveils that it appears slightly thin, very well defined in addition to pointed downward.

Stana Katic nose job before after pictures

Stana Katic nose job before after

The fact is still controversial though keeping in mind that Stana Katic herself has yet to make an announcement regarding this rumor. Just as any other topics superstars do, this latest appearance on Stana also makes some pros and cons.

Though some of Stana Katic regular fans regret Katic’s new endeavor to improve her performance by receiving plastic surgeries for the nose, on the other hand some also alleged that she appears more gorgeous and attractive after having nose reshaping surgery.

We also have to take into account that this nose job rumor was never agreed by Stana Katic. She never acknowledged that she undertook a nose reshaping surgery, however she also hasn’t rejected all these accusations, which makes it quite evident to not realize that Stana Katic had nose job done.

Popular plastic surgeon and Hollywood reviewer Dr. Peter Wenkwitz stated regarding Stana Katic nose surgery accusations that it is so obvious that her nose appears corrected, and shaped in a different way than her original nose. Wenkwitz also said that may be Stana refined her nose, and he also said that her rhinoplasty surgeon did a great job.

Stana Katic at the elysium premiere

Stana Katic at the elysium premiere

However the proof of those Stana Katic Nose job accusations is still arguable. If she actually had a nose job, we truly admired that her after surgery nose lead Stana to be aligned to the apex of other Hollywood superstars who had been receiving several rhinoplasty surgeries to augment their appearance in public.

We would like to provide a credit for her cosmetic surgeon who had prepared her appearance younger and more attractive than she used to be. Please feel free to share your views about this Nose Job!