To prevent aging process, many old Hollywood celebrities have been undertaking plastic surgery with a motive of maintain their general beauty and public figure.

One such Hollywood actress known as Sally Field has been accused of undertaking plastic surgery. At her 60s, many individuals don’t believe her youthful skin is natural and therefore they attribute it to plastic surgery.

Sally Field is a famous host of brothers and sisters show. She was born in 1946 and recently she has found herself in public controversy due to her youthful appearance which doesn’t match her age. If you compare Sally Field plastic surgery before and after photos, you will realize the signs of her aging have completely disappeared.

Sally Field plastic surgery before and after

Sally Field plastic surgery before and after

Due to public controversy and allegations, Sally Field came out and admitted she has been thinking seriously before having plastic surgery. It is after a long deliberation when she decided to do to it in order to keep her role in Hollywood moving on. However, she did not disclose what type of surgery she undertook but her recent photos clearly indicate.

There are a couple of things that one notice on Sally’€™s recent photos. At her 60s, there are no signs of sagging skin. At this age, the skin at her jaw line and neck should be sagging and it’€™s hard to prevent the sagging through the use of creams and body lotions. Many surgeons suggest that she could have undertaken a neck lift. This is a plastic surgery procedure that removes the sagging skin from the neck area thus giving her a more youthful look.

Sally Field

Sally Field at her 60s

The smoothness on her cheeks, face and jaw line could have been as a result of filler injections such as Botox. When you look at her closely, you will realize that there are barely any wrinkles on her skin something which is unnatural at her age.

Based on before and after Sally Field plastic surgery pictures, you will realize her latest face looks a bit tighten. This is suggestive of facelifts, neck lifts and Botox injections. Her eyes appear to be a bit open and amazingly fresh. Furthermore, there is no eye bag hanging under her eyes. This is suggestive of possible eyelifts or eyelids surgery.

Sally Field plastic surgery

Sally Field plastic surgery

There is likelihood that Sally’€™s youthful body configuration has been rejuvenated by laser treatment such as laser skin resurfacing. This can be shown by her young glowing appearance which has made her amazingly beautiful. It seems Sally has undergone through anti-aging plastic surgery procedure such as Botox injection which has left her body skin tighter and young looking. This has in turn covers lines and wrinkles around her face and neck. This has contributed to her youthful skin irrespective of her age.

Despite Sally Field Plastic Surgery being the successful one, the Botox inside her face is tightening her skin giving her a puffy face and thus, she can hardly smile.

Whatever plastic surgery procedures she could have used, it met her expectations of a fresh face and a youthful skin. This has made her more beautiful and attractive among her audience and general public.